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Perry has a total of 25 five dollar bills and ten dollars in his pocketThe value of these bills is 175How many ten dollar bills are in Perry's pocket?

10 ten dollar bills

Lawrence has a total of 15 five dollar bills and ten dollar bills in his pocket The value of these bills is 100.00 How many five dollar bills are in Lawrence's pocket?


Lawrence has a total of 15 five dollar bills and ten dollar bills in his pocket The value of these bills is 100 How many five dollar bills are in Lawrences pocket?


Is there more 1 dollar bills or 100 dollar bills?

1 dollar bills

Kate has 780 in five dollar bills and twenty dollar bills If she has 4 more twenties than fives how many five dollar bills does she have?

Kate has 28 five-dollar-bills and 32 twenty-dollar-bills.

What is the amount of money each player is given at the start of a Monopoly game?

I believe five 1 dollar bills, two 5 dollar bills, two 10 dollar bills, two 50 dollar bills, five 100 dollar bills, and two 500 dollar bills. I THINK

what- Sally lines up her money on the table. She has 5 one-dollar bills and 7 five-dollar bills.What is the ratio of one-dollar bills to five-dollar bills?

5: 7

How many ten dollar bills make one hundred?

If you have ten, ten dollar bills you will have one hundred dollars. If you have 100 ten dollar bills, you will have 100 ten dollar bills...

Does Canada have dollar bills?

No. Canada has dollar coins instead of bills.

How many dollar bills are in a mile?

there is 10,560 dollar bills in a mile

Which is bigger 100 hundred dollar bills or 900 ten-dollar bills?

100 hundred dollar bills is more money. 900 ten-dollar bills is a bigger stack of paper.

What color are Canadian dollar bills?

we dont have dollar bills we have dollar coins and they are a bronze color lol

What color are the 500 dollar bills in Monopoly?

The 500 dollar bills are orange.

What type of mold grows on dollar bills?

no mold grows on dollar bills.

What is the collective noun for dollar bills?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of dollar bills.Collective nouns are an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the context can function as a collective noun; for example, a roll of dollar bills, a wad of dollar bills, a bundle of dollar bills, etc.

Why does a wallet have 2 pockets?

I don't know if there is one right answer, but maybe some people like to keep coupons in one and cash in the other. But usually I keep 1 and 5 dollar bills in the first pocket and 10 and 20 dollar bills in the second one.

A women made a deposit of 303 if her deposit consisted of 103 bills some of them one dollar bills and the rest being five dollar bills how many one dollar bills did she deposit?


How many 50.00 dollar bills in 900.00 dollar bills?

Reading the question very carefully, I'd have to say "none". If the stack consists of "900 dollar bills",then there are no "50 dollar bills" in it.But the questioner is probably referring to equivalent values.900 dollar bills have a face value of $900.00 . In order to match that same face value with $50.00 bills,you need 18 of them.

How many five-dollar bills would you get for a fifty dollar bill?

You would get 10 five dollar bills.

Why are 1999 dollar bills worth more than 1998 dollar bills?

If you have 1999 bills you have one more bill than if you have only 1998 bills.

Can you spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins?

You can spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins all day long in the United States.

What is 18 quarters and 18 dimes?

Too much to carry in your pocket comfortably. Exchange the 18 quarters and 15 of the dimes for six dollar bills. $6.30

How much does a ton 1 dollar bills worth?

1 Ton of dollar bills is $907,184

Can Canadian dollar bills be cleaned juice spill etc?

Canada has dollar coins not bills.

How many 100 dollar bills are there in 320000000?

There are 3200000 hundred dollar bills in 320000000 dollars.

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