Picture of a millimeter ruler

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Your thumbnail is about 10 millimeters wide.

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Q: Picture of a millimeter ruler
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What are the measures on a ruler?

millimeter and centimeter

What are the units on a ruler?

inches, centimeter's, and millimeter's.

Where is the millimeter on a ruler?

A millimeter is typically marked between each centimeter increment on a ruler. It is the smallest unit of measurement on most rulers.

How long is a millimeter on a ruler?

Exactly one millimetre.

What are the little lines on the ruler?

They are called millimeter lines.

How many numbers do you write when making a measurement?

If you are using a ruler, measure one digit more than the ruler reports. For instance, if you have a ruler that reports to the nearest millimeter, you will write your answer to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. (Estimate the last digit).

What unit is represented by the smallest intervals printed on a centimeter ruler?


Do you have an exact size photo of centimeter and millimeter?

No, but you could use a ruler instead.

What is the smallest division on a metric ruler?

what are the smallest units on a metric ruler?

How can you use millimeter in a sentence?

Millimeter is a measurement.I have a ruler measured in milometers.

What can you measure with milimeter?

You can measure insects, ants, small worms and flies with a millimeter ruler.

How big is a millimeter in inches on a ruler?

A millimeter is normally the smallest division on a metric rule, one tenth of a centimeter, one thousand to a meter (and hopefully you are not looking at a non-metric ruler).