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lenght times width times height = volume so whats 2 times 1 times 500?

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Q: Pond is 2 meters x 1 meters x 500 deep. how much water would it hold in liters?
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How much water does a pond hold that is 9 acres and 4 feet deep?

9 Acres = 36,421.7 square meters. 4 feet = 1.2 meters. Area x length = volume; 36,421.7 x 1.2 = 43,706 cubic meters. Cubic meters is a volume, which can be converted to liters, 1 cubic meter is 1000 liters. So your pond has 43,706,000 Liters. 1 gallon is 3.78 liters, so divide by 3.78 and your pond has 11,545,903.7 Gallons.

How many liters of water go in a pond 5 meters by 3 meters?

More information is required to answer this question. A litre is a volume measure (3 dimensions) but information for the pond is given for only two dimensions.

How many liters of water in a pond measuring 2.1cubic meters?

We have no way of knowing how much water is in any particular volume of space.But 2.1 cubic meters = 2,100 liters .

How many cubic meters in a pond is needed for 65000 thousand liters of water?

65 as a cubic metre is 1000 litres

How many liters of water are in a pond 2 meters by 3 meters which 1 meter at the deep?

1 cu m = 1000 liters → volume = 2 m x 3 m x 1 m = 6 cu m = 6 x 1000 liters = 6,000 liters.

Would you measure a fish pond in liters or kiloliters?

A pond would be measured in litres.

Which is the best unit to use when measuring the amount of water in a pond liters or kiloliters?


How much water would be needed to fill a pond of 36 cubic meters?

9,510.19 Gallons

What unit is used to find the volume of water in the pond?

Liters. Or MegaLiters (x1 000 liters)

How many liters are the in a pond?

The number of liters in a pond depend on the size of the pond.

What is the purpose of using a pond pump in an outdoor pond?

A pond pump helps circulate the water properly. If it is not used, the water would sit still and get slimy. If there are fish in the pond it would help keep the water clean.

What would pond water be like without vegetation?

Without vegetation, pond water would be almost pure. A lack of vegetation would cause pond animals to leave and therefore would alter the life systems of the pond. Eventually, algae and reeds would grow in and around the pond, regardless if animals are there or not.

If a pond was 0.03 meters thick if the ice were 10 times as thick how many meters thick would it be?

It would be 0.3 metres.

If you were to build a 5 mega liter dam how much land would be needed based on an average depth dam?

Well, let's suppose the reservoir would average 50 meters deep. Lake Mead is a lot deeper at Hoover dam, but it's also a pretty unusual reservoir. There are 1000 liters per cubic meter, so 5*10^6 liters = 5000 cubic meters. With an average depth of 50 meters, that's a surface of 100 square meters. Considerably smaller than you're average suburban lot. That means we're talking about a farm pond, not a national monument. So maybe 50 meters is a lousy estimate of the depth. Let's say it's 2 meters. So now we have a surface area of 2500 square meters, which is 50 meters on a side, which would be a pretty good sized farm pond. But you get the idea by now. It's somewhere in that range.

How many liters of water in pond 6' x 4' x 2' depth?

1359.2 litres, approx.

What effects would a drier-than- average summer have on a pond ecosystem?

not that good because the water would dry up and the pond would have little or no water

What happens to the grass seeds that fall in a pond while the pond has water in it?

Nothing, as the minerals that are found in soil would not be present in pond water; plus there would be no anchorage of any kind, which would mean if it did grow, it would blow away anyway.

What effect would a dry summer have on a pond?

The pond would have less water, and could go dry.

What would happen if animals drink pond water?

How come animals drink pond water and they don't get sick

How many liters of water is in your pond 10ft x 8ft x 6ft deep?

The volume is 13592 litres, approx.

What kind of water do pond frogs need?

Ponds are typically freshwater bodies of water, so I would assume that a pond frog would need freshwater.

How much water is needed to fill a pond 5m deep?

More information is needed in order to answer this question. The size of the pond, preferably in square meters.

Where is water pressure greater at a depth of 1 m in a large lake or at a depth of 2 m in a small pond explain?

The size of the water body has no effect on the pressures experienced at depth in any water body. Thus at 1 meter depth in a large lake or in a pond the pressure is the same (1.1 bar). Likewise at a depth of 2 meters in a large lake or small pond the pressures is the same in both at (1.2 bar). Thus the water pressure at a depth of 1m in a large lake is less than the pressure at a depth of 2 m in a small pond. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The water pressure you experience depends on how much water is above you; the amount of water below you or around you has nothing to do with it. So you would have more pressure on you 2 meters below the surface of a pond as you would 1 meter below the surface of a large lake of water of the same density, which varies with salinity.

What is the area of a pond 10 meters by 5 meters?

Area of pond = 5 x 10 = 50 square meters

What meters is used to measure surface area of a pond?

The surface area of the pond is measured in square meters.