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Filipino people have positive and negative aspects of their values. It is important to recognize the positive aspects of these values in order for them achieve their national development goals.

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Q: Positive and negative implications of the value orientations of Filipinos on national development goals?
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What are the positive reverence to god of Filipinos?

they are catholic

What are the impacts of technological dependence?

There are two implications of technology dependence that is to say negative and positive implications

What are some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?

Positive Traits:HospitableKindlovableDiplomaticHard-workingAmiablePracticalAmiableSociable

Can implications be positive?

Yes can be either pos. or neg.

Pictures of some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?


What are the positive effects at homosexuality in your world?

Homosexuality doesn't have any effects, positive or negative. Sexual orientations of all kinds are neutral things.

What are common stereotypes about Filipinos?

For the positive stereotypes: -Filipinos are hardworking -Filipinos are smart -Filipinos are family oriented (we value our family) Fot the negative stereotypes: -Filipinos are always late -Filipinos always want to be the best (even if it means cheating along the way) -Some Filipinos tend to have crab mentality.

How does the handicraft industry affect the livelihood of the Filipinos?

The handicraft industry has a very positive affect on the livelihood of Filipinos. The Philippines is the second largest producer of handicrafts in the world, and it provides the livelihood for 1 million Filipinos.

Is o positive blood group rare?

no. a lot of us Filipinos here have o+

What is the positive and negative values of Filipinos?

The same as yours. They are people. We all have positive and negative aspects that apply to us as a person and as a nation.

What are the strength and weaknesses of a Filipino?

Positive Filipino Values Filipinos Strenght and Weakness Filipinos Shining Moments Filipino Values Today in General yes that's true...

What is the base for development?

education, positive think, etc is base of development.

What is an example of a positive statement?

A positive statement is a philosophical term for statements that simply state how things are without moral implications. An example of a positive statement would be "the grass is green".

Why is faith and religiosity one of the positive character traits of Filipinos?

Faith and religiosity is one of the positive character traits of the Filipinos because it is the most effective system for establishing morality and social order. It gives the people a sense of belonging and unity and creates a friendly community. For the Filipinos, Edsa Revolution was formed because of the Filipinos' faith and religiosity. It can be remembered that no other than Jaime Cardinal Sin called out and convinced the Filipinos to join the rally in Edsa. Also a number of priests and nuns joined the rally too.

What are the Difference between positive and negative development?

one is positive, the other is negative

What are the implications of having either a positive or negative credit history?

go with visa ar you'll get screwed

What is the positive effect of American colonization in Philippine economy?

*Filipinos were fluent in English *Learn how to dance western dance

Did Gerhard Lenski claim that the development of more complex technology positive or negative?


Is hospitality an admirable character trait of the Filipinos in the modern education?

Hospitality is an admirable character trait of the Filipinos in the modern education. Filipinos are well known for their hospitality within the country, especially with foreigners. Their welcoming hospitality help encourage a positive atmosphere for anyone pursuing and education.

Does health and safety laws have a positive impact on childrens development?

Yes, the health and safety laws have a positive impact on the Children's development as it helps protect them.

Would sustainable development be a positive or negative for the environment?

Sustainable Development would be Positive for the environment. Sustainable means it causes no damage as it time goes on.

How do you have brain development?

By being positive you can develop your brain,

What are the positive and negative implications of the lengthy process through which all bills must go before becoming laws?


Would sustainable development be a postive or negative for the environment?


What were the negative and positive effects of Asian development bank?

it did nothing.

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