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prioirandposterior dist

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Q: Posterior and prior probability what do they mean?
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what is the difference between prior and posterior probability?

A posterior probability is the probability of assigning observations to groups given the data. A prior probability is the probability that an observation will fall into a group before you collect the data. For example, if you are classifying the buyers of a specific car, you might already know that 60% of purchasers are male and 40% are female. If you know or can estimate these probabilities, a discriminant analysis can use these prior probabilities in calculating the posterior probabilities. When you don't specify prior probabilities, Minitab assumes that the groups are equally likely.

What is prior probability?

Prior probability is the probability that is assessed before reference is made to relevant observations.

The date must be posterior to today's date what does this mean?

the date must be posterior to todays date. what does this mean?

What does a doctor mean by posterior placenta?

It means the placenta is located in the posterior wall of uterus

Bayes theorem uses Prior probabilities with additional information to compute posterior probabilities?


What is the posterior distribution when sampling from a poisson distribution with a chi square prior?

Um... how am i supposed to know

What is the probability of a family having a boy after four girls?

The probability of a boy is still 0.5 no matter how many prior children there are.

What should occur in a probability experiment?

An event, unless it already had been occured and the experiment tries to resolve posterior probabilities on the event

What does fair mean from a probability perspective?

From a probability perspective fair means equal probability.

What does it mean to find the probability of an event?

Read the introduction to probability and probability measures at

What does anterior and posterior mean?

It's relative to the subject. Anterior refers to the "beginning" while posterior refers to an "end"

What does and mean in probability?

It means multiply, Probaility of A and B means probability of A multiplied by probability of B.