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Mg + KCl

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Q: Predict the products of the following reaction MgCl2 plus K equals?
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Predict the products for Mg plus HCl equals and balance the reaction?

Mg + 2HCl = MgCl2 + H2 SO magnesium chloride and Hydrogen gas

Which of the following describes an exothermic reaction A. ht reactants equals 0 B. ht reactants ht products C. ht equals ht D. ht ht?

Hf, reactants > Hf, products apex

In a balanced reaction the total mass of the products always equals the?

In a balanced chemical reaction the total mass of the products always equals the total mass of reactants; this is the law of mass conservation.

What is oxidized in the following reaction Fe plus Ag2O equals FeO equals 2Ag?


If keq equals 740 What is favored starting material or product?

Products. keq equals [products] / [reactants] . A (-) Keq indicates a reactant favored reaction.

In the chemical reaction 2AlCl3 equals 2Al plus 3Cl2 the substances Al and Cl2 are called what?


What does it mean if Keq equals 1?

Products and reactions are equally favored in the reactions

How does the mass of the products in a chemical equation compare to the mass of a reaction?

In a closed system, the mass of the products equals the mass of the reactants.

What chemical reaction occur when acids are mixed with bases?

The mass of products equals the mass of reactants.

In an exothermic reaction the difference between the chemical energy of the reactants and the chemical energy of the products equals?

The amount of heat given off by the reaction

The equation G equals H-TS predicts that?

the change in entropy between products and reatants in a reaction

What is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction CH4 plus 2O2 equals CO2 plus H2O?