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The independent variable is always on the x-axis of a coordinate plane. The dependent variable is always on the y-axis. This is true because y always depends on x.

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Where are the Dependent and independent variable placed on a graph?

Dependent variable take on X-axis and independent variable take on Y-axis in a graph.

How is the dependent and independent variable of an experiment displayed on a graph?

The Independent variable is placed on the x-axis and the dependent variable is placed on the y- axis

Which variable is placed on the horizontal axis in a graph?


Where do you place the independent variable on a line graph?

The independent variable is typically placed on the x-axis.

Where On a line graph where is the dependent variable placed?

On a line graph, where is the dependent variable placed?

What variable is placed in the y axis or vertical axis?

which is considered as dependent on the variable on x axis which is considered as independent variable in the plotting of graph

Where is the independent variable placed on a line graph?

on the horizontal axis!

Where Is The Dependent Variable on a line graph Placed?

In the vertical direction.

Where are the dependent and independent variables located on a graph explain with example?

The independent variable (such as time) is places on the x-axis of a graph. Always place the things that will never change on the x-axis. The dependent variable is then placed on the y-axis. The difference between the independent and dependent variable is that the independent variable in an experient does not change it is what stays constent, it is what is used to measure the dependent variable. On the other hand the dependent variable is what the experiment is testing for and what depends on the independent variable.

What is The line along the bottom of a graph where the incipient variable is placed?

I believe you meant the "independent" variable, and it is the X axis. The Y axis (the vertical one) is for the dependent variable.

Where is data that can be controlled placed on a graph?

Data that can be controlled on a bar graph is known as an independent variable and can include things like temperature, time, depth, etc. This data is placed on the horizontal X axis.

In a line graph which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable?

The independent variable is plotted on the horizontal axis, or x axis. The dependent variable, or response variable is plotted on the vertical axis, or y axis.