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The Stevens 311's range in book value from $245 (100% condition) to $115 (60% condition). Add 30% for the .410 bore.

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Q: Price of a 410 double model 311a?
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What is the value of a 410 Stevens double barrel shotgun model 311A?

Ijust bought a Stevens Model 311A 12 ga with some wear for $ 130.00. I think that was a good deal

What is value of Stevens model 311a 410 ga savage arms?

i paid $310 for my 311a 12gauge if this helps. Depending on condition it should be in the $500.00 - $1200.

What is the Winchester model 42 410 price in good condition?


Price on a cobray 45 410 double barrol handgun?


What is the price of a model 183d c 410 shotgun?

50-100 USD or so

Did anyone produce a 410 ga double?

Yes, the Stevens Model 240. This was an over/under model made by Savage Arms. The Riversides Arms Company also made a double barrel .410 in the early 1900's,

What is the value of a Stevens model 311 410 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Much will depend on the condition of the item and what platform will be used to sell it. There is a listed price online for the item of roughly $160.

When was the Fox Savage Arms Model B 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

1966 to 1988

Where can you find information about a 410 J Stevens Arms Co Model 240 double barrel shotgun?

I can't find this model number, but that form of the company name was used from 1920 until 1948, and a 410 double will bring $200-$300, depending on conditon.

What is value of a fox model b 410 shotgun double barrel?

The price for a fox model b in 410ga is going for between 550 dollars in 10% original condition up to 1075 dollars for a nice specimen in 98% original condition.

Value of j Stevens arms 410 model 54?

Between $75-$100 is a common price today.

Where you can find a stockStevens mod 311a 410 ga?

I have seen them at gun shows. More expensive than a 12 or 20 guage. They are rather rare.

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