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The sale price is 109.20

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Q: Price of a dress is is on sale at 22 percent. what is the sale price?
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A dress was on sale for 60 percent of the regular price the sale price was 24 what was the original price?

The original price was was 60

A dress is on sale for a 15 percent discount If the sale price of the dress is 51 dollars then the original price of the dress was?

The original price was $60, and 15% off drops that to $51.

If a 65 dress is on sale for 20 percent and the sales tax is 7 percent what is the total purchase price?

The total price with the discount and sales tax is: $55.64

What is the total price of a dress that is 22.50 with a sales tax of7.5 percent?

The total tax is $1.69 and the total price with tax is $24.19.

During a sale a dress secreased in price from 80 to 76 what was the percent of decrease?


A dress was 50 dollars and now has a 10 percent discount what would be the price?


Vickie pays 90.00 for a new dress at a President's Day sale If the original price for the dress was 225.00 what is the percent discount?

60 percent off

Wholesale price is 80 and percent of markup is 95 percent percent percent what is the sale price?

The sale price is $156.00

Price of Jim hjelm wedding dress 8903?

price of occasion dress -jewellery on straps

What is 15 percent of 20 explain?

15 X 20= 3.00 If you had a dress that was $20 and was on sale at 15% off, you would pay $17. Because you multiplied 15% (sale price) by the price of the dress ($20).

A dress that sells for 50.00 now has a 10 percent discount marked on the taghow much will you save off the regular price of the dress?


A dress that sells for 5000 now has 10 percent discount marked on the tag How much will you save off the regular price of the dress?


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