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Q: Price per mile a taxi in Lincoln?
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For a taxi driver which measurements must be accurate?

Price of gas Price per mile Number of customers

Do taxi meters charge per mile or kilometre?

it travels per mile

UK taxi fare per mile?

black cab£2.50 per mile approx private a little less

What is the average price per mile that truck drivers charge customers?

1.00 per mile

What is the average rate for an airport taxi in the Chicago O'Hare area?

Taxis in the Chicago O'Hare airport charge a flat rate of two dollars per mile. If your taxi is charging you more than two dollars per mile, you're being ripped off.

What are Taxi cab rates in rockport Texas?

$5.00 initial pick up fee and $2.00 per mile

What is the average price per mile for a car moving company to charge?

The average price is $0.60 cents per mile. This rate can vary depending on the size of the car and the distance being traveled.

How much does a taxi cost from sky harbor airport to Williams gateway airport?

It cost $76 with 2 people in a taxi! Could have been a sham. Super Shuttle charges $48 one way per person. City bus is $2.50 and takes 2 hours with transfers. Next time I will rent a car at Williams Gateway. Also a executive transportation is flat rate. Their prices range from $65-$80. They do not charge per mile. RideFlex has a good price at $75.00. They use Lincoln Town Cars.

What is taxi fare from Tampa Airport to Clearwater?

Tpa uses 2 taxi services. Each charge the same. $2 to sit in the taxi and $2.25 per mile. Clearwater is approx. 20 miles from the airport.

What is the cost per mile of a commercial truck?

With most factors considered, it costs about 1.38 dollars per mile to operate a commercial. That is based on a fuel price of 3.42 dollars per gallon.

What is the formula used to calculate cost per mile based on fuel usage only.?

Miles driven divided by MPG = gallons used. Gallons used multiplied by price per gallon = total price spent for miles driven. Total cost divided into total miles = cost per mile.Take the price of gas and divided it by your cars mpg.Price of Gas Per Gallon/Miles Per Gallon = cost per mile.$3.12 per gallon/ 22 mpg = 14 cents per mile.

how much does a taxi cost to go to airport?

It's impossible to answer this because - that would depend on (at least) the following factors...1. What country you're in...2. The distance you need to travel...3. The time you travel (it may be more if you travel after a certain time)...4. The price the taxi firm charges per mile...5. Whether they charge extra if you put luggage iin the boot of the taxi...