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51 = 3*17

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Q: Product P of two prime numbers is between 9 and 55 if one of the prime numbers is greater than 2 but less than 6 and the other is greater than 13 but less than 25 than P equals?
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Explain why second partial product is always greater than the first partial priduct when you multiply two 2-digit numbers?

The product of two digit numbers is always greater than either.

What number is odd and between 11and 21 and is the product of two prime numbers?

3*5 which equals 15

What is a simalaritie between GCF and LCM?

They have an inverse relationship. Since the product of the LCM and GCF of two numbers equals the product of the original two numbers, as the GCF increases, the LCM decreases and vice versa.

The sum of 2 numbers equals 15 the difference of the numbers is 3 find the numbers what is their product?

The two numbers must be 6 and 9, as 6 + 9 = 15 and theer is a difference of 3 between 6 and 9. The product of 6 and 9 = 54.

What are the numbers called in a multiplacation problem?

multiplier times multiplicand equals product or multiplicand times multiplier equals product

Is the product of 0.4 and 1.8 greater than or less than 0.4?

It is greater because it equals 0.72.

What is the product of 2 numbers that equals 20 and the sum equals 9?

4 & 5

What do you call the two numbers you mulltiplie by to get a product?

Multiplicand times multiplier equals product

If you wanted to find the largest possible product value of the sum of two numbers that equals the square root of 3 how would you do that?

The largest possible product of two numbers that add to give a greater number is half of that greater numbered, squared (where the two numbers are each half of the greater number). For the square root of 3, this would be ½ x √3 x ½ x √3 = ½ x ½ x 3 = ¼ x 3 = 0.75.

What two numbers product equals 7500?

the half 7500

The product of two positive numbers equals?

A positive number.

What 2 positive numbers sum equals 30 and product equals 144?

24, 6