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prove the intersction for crisp set theory

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Q: Prove the demorgan's laws for crisp set theory?
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No, stars have never been seen forming. There is no prove that stars can form and some gas laws make the theory look stupid.

What is the relationship between an idea a hypothesis and a theory?

A hypothesis is an educated quess while a theory is a widly supported idea. The relationship between them is that they both aren't necessarily correct. An example of a theory is the theory of evolution and natural selection. They have a lot of facts to back them up, but there is no inconclusive evidence to prove they are laws of science.

What can the judicial branch prove laws to be against?

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Gravatation and the 3 laws of motion

How are laws different from theory?

"Laws" are just simplified descriptions of theories.

Is thermodynamics a law or theory?

Thermodynamics is both a law and a theory. It has a set of well-established laws, such as the first and second laws of thermodynamics, which describe the behavior of energy in systems. Additionally, the principles and concepts underlying thermodynamics are formulated into a theory to explain and predict the behavior of physical systems.

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Using Maxwell's Equations.

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A scientific theory is an idea that is supported by a hypothesis. Once the theory is proven to be permanently correct, it is a law or fact.

True or false If a theory proves correct over a long period of time it becomes a law?

False. In science, a theory does not become a law even if it is consistently proven correct over time. The terms "theory" and "law" have different meanings within the scientific community. A theory is a well-substantiated explanation that can incorporate facts, laws, and tested hypotheses, while a law describes a consistent and universal relationship observed in nature.