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For, Question Papers of Pune University fybsc you all can go to respaper site.

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Q: Question papers pune university fybsc
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Ssc time tabe 2009 pune board?

yes i need maharashtra board ssc exam timetable

What is the area of the teacher's table?

please, tell me the dimensions of the table and than i am able to tell the area of the table. parveen mor, ISBS,PUNE

How do you calculate 22 carat price from 24 carat gold?

if 24 carat rate is 31800 then 22 carat rate will be(22X31800)/24=29150 Recently I went to rathod Jewellars in Pune But they dont told me this calculation and gave me the rate for 22 carat 31000 when 24 carat for 31800 so please be aware of this fraud by Rathod Jewellars on Laxmi Road Pune

What is the procedure for duplicate mark sheet for Maharashtra Board Pune?

Answer:The basic requirement to get Duplicate SSC or HSC certificate from Pune Board is that you will require a letter from the respective school in case of SSC and College for HSC through which you appeared . The School letter should be addressed to the Divisional Secretary , Maharashtra State Board, Shivajinagar Pune, requesting that the following student was a Ex Student of our school / college and a duplicate SSC or HSC certificate may be issued to him and then mention Name of the Student , Year and month passed in, Seat No, Centre No. , School code.Even if you forget the Seat number and other details the school records will definitely have all the details if you provide Year of passing and Name .The letter from school / college is compulsory and should clearly mention all the above details.Take this original letter to Pune State board office at Shivajinagar Pune.Fill in a form pay the fees. The fees are Rs 102/- for certificate upto last ten years / Rs 202/- for beyond Last 10 years and Pay additional fees of Rs 100/- if you want it within 48 hours. Timings are to 1pm and 2pm to 4 pm.Certificate can be collected on respective dates from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.Take this certificate back to school / college office and get it stamped and signed from the principal.Read more: Procedure_of_obtaining_duplicate_ssc_hsc_certificates_of_maharashtra_board

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