R what is a shod?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: R what is a shod?
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What is a shod foot?

A shod foot is a foot with a shoe on it.

Do poorly shod marathoners suffer the agony of defeat?

not after seeing poorly shod winners

How do you use the word shod in a sentence?

Make sure every horse is shod before the parade.

What is shod mean?

"Shod" is the past tense of the verb "shoe," meaning to provide someone or something with shoes.

Are oxen shod?

No. Horses are.

Give a sentence for the word shod?

The blacksmith shod my horse, after removing the ill fitting shoes he had when I bought him at the auction.

Where do horses go to get shod?

the farrier

What should you do to be safe from lightning if you are caught out in a storm?

we shod be go to the house we shod not take shelter under shed like mettle

What are the ratings and certificates for Shod Hatelephonim Hagadol - 1972?

Shod Hatelephonim Hagadol - 1972 is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:12

The sound of hoofs?

that depends on the surface its walking on and if the horse is shod or not. But the excepted norm is clip clop if its shod and more a pdum pdum if unshod.

Who shod horses and worked with metal?

A Blacksmith.

Blood shod definition?

covered in blood