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She earns 28*4.75 = 133.00

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Q: Rachel earns 4.75 an hour cutting lawns during the summer if she works 28 h each week how much does she earns in a week?
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HenryTheresa and Sarah all got a summer jobSarah earns 20 more than Henry and Henry earns 0.65 more an hour than TheresaTogether they earn 26.55 an hourHow much money does each person earn?

Sarah earns 9.20 Henry earns 9.00 Theresa earns 8.35

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the government will spend less money than it earns by cutting its spending or raising its taxes

How much does a chemical engineer earns?

He earns 95,000 rupees in pakistan

What a chemical engineer earns?

A chemical engineer earns 60,000.00-80,000.00 yearly.

How much does robinho earns a week at Manchester city?

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Sean earns 4.50 per hour more than his trainee tyrone during one 8 hour day they earn a total of 284 how much does tyrone make per hour?

Tryone earns $15.50 per hour

Sean earns 4.50 per hour more than his trainee Tyrone. During one 8 hour day they earn a total of 284. How much does Tyrone make per hour?

Tryone earns $15.50 per hour

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When would you choose median as the best measure of central tendency?

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A boy earns 20.56 on monday 32.90 on Tuesday and 20.78 on Wednesday he spends half of what?

A boy earns $20.56 on Monday, $32.90 on Tuesday, and $20.78 on Wednesday. He spends half of what he has earned during the three days. How much does he have left?

How much does a police man earns a year?

On average a police officer earns about $50,000 annually

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