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There is no intrinsic relationship between mass and length or diameter. A line segment or diameter has no mass. So you can double its length and the mass remains unchanged.

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Q: Relationship between mass and length and diameter?
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How do you find the length of a rod given the diameter and the mass?

You cannot, there is no single-rule, formulaic relationship between mass and physical measurements like length or diameter.

How long is a high mass?

There is no direct relationship between length and mass.

Relation between units of lengths mass and capacity?

There is no relationship between units of mass and either length of capacity. Units of capacity are the cubed units of length.

Which states the relationship between the mass attached to the end of the spring and the length the spring is stretched?

more mass the longer the spring

How do you calculate the mass given diameter and length?

You cannot. Diameter and length can, for some particular shapes, give you the volume. But that will not give you the mass unless you know the density of the substance.

What is the relationship between acceleration and mass?

well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

What is the relationship between mass and acceleration?

well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

Is there a relationship between mass of planets and amount of gravity on the planets?

Yes, but to be precise, the surface gravity depends on the mass AND on the diameter. Or alternatively, on the density AND on the diameter.

What is the relationship between mass and length?

Mass, length and time are the three fundamental units of physics. None of them have a relationship with another, unless some other factor is introduced from outside. What relationship might come from this can't be guessed at without knowing what the other factor is.

How do you convert 1.30centemeter into kilograms?

There's no relationship between length and mass, and they can't be converted to each other.

Is there a relationship between height and mass?

Indeed there is a relationship. Density is equal to the mass divided by the volume (height times width times length). So, height is equal to mass divided by (height times length times width) or H= M/(HLW)

Describe the relationship between mass and weight?

Describe the relationship between mass and weight.

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