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Q: Result obtained when one number is subtracted from another number is called what?
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What a number that is to be subtracted from another number?

The subtrahend is the number that is subtracted from another number, called the minuend, that results in the difference.

The result when one number is subtracted from another?

In any subtraction sum such as 7 - 3 = 4, the number in the solution is called the difference.

What are the numbers that are subtracted?

The numbers that are subtracted are called subtrahends. (if a - b = c then a is the minuend, b is the subtrahend and c is the result.)

What is the result of two numbers being subtracted?

If you are asking what the result is called, there are two terms for it: difference, and remainder.

The number subtracted by another number is called what?

It is called the difference. To me: minuend - subtrahend = difference

Is the number from which another number is being subtracted called the minuend?

minuend - subtrahend = difference Think of SUBtrahend as the number that is being SUBtracted.

What is the amount remaining when a number is subtracted from another called?

ther answer to a subtractiion problem is called the difference.

When two whole numbers are subtracted does it affect the difference?

When you subtract one number from another, the result is called the difference. What does your question mean? If by "when two whole numbers are subtracted" you mean that you subtract one whole number from the minuend, and then you subtract another whole number from the difference, then the answer you get is another difference. In effect, you have one minuend and two subtrahends.

The two quantities that are subtracted?

In the expression c - b = a then c is called the minuend, b is called the subtrahend and a is known as the difference (or result or answer).

What is the result obtained when two or more numbers are multiplied is called?

Their product

The number subtracted from another number is called.?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

Stating in advance the result that may be obtained from test a hypothesis is called what?


Stating in advance the result that may be obtained from testing a hypothesis called what?


The result obtained when two or more numbers are mutiplied is called a what?

multiplication algorithm What?? The answer is: their product.

What is it called after you have subtracted?


Where is argon obtained from?

The fractionation of liquid airArgon is obtained as a result of what is called the fractional distillation of air. Use the link below to learn more about this process.

What is it called when things are subtracted?


When two forces act on the same object in opposite directions is the smaller force subtracted from the larger force?

yes, result is called the net force

What is the number being subtracted from an original number called?

The original number is known as a subtrahend, while the number being subtracted is called the subtractor.

When an atom forms a molecule with another atom of itself the result is?

The result is called particle.

I have two different result one is a yes and no result another result is a number result What are these two types of results called?

Binary result

What is the number called that is subtracted from a number?


What is the number called which being subtracted?


When two numbers are subtracted what is the answer called?

the " difference ".

The number being subtracted from is called?