Round 9 to the nearest 10?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Zero and 10 can be divided evenly by 10. Is 9 closer to 0 or 10?

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Q: Round 9 to the nearest 10?
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Round 9 to the nearest ten?

9 rounded to the nearest tens place is 10

47 round to the nearest 10?

50if the end number is 5-9 then round upif the end number is 0-4 then round downe.g. 51 to the nearest 10 = 5068 to the nearest 10 = 70

How do you round to the nearest 9.84 when you round 9 what number do you put 0 or10?

When you round the 9 in the number 9.84 it will round up to the number 10.

How do you round 9 to the nearest tenth?

It is at the nearest tenth already, so needs no change. To the nearest ten it is 10.

Round 9 to the nearest ten Enter your answer in the box below?


How do you round 89 to the nearest 10?

Look at the digit in the ones position. That is the 9. A 9 will round the number up, so 89 will round up to 90.

How do you round 495 to the nearest ten?

round it up. if you want to round anything 4 to 1 to the nearest 10, it goes down, anything 5 to 9 goes up. so if you wanted to do say 494 to the nearest 10, it would be 490. if you wanted to do 496 to nearest 10 it would be 500

How do you round 7119 to the nearest 10?

The digit in the ones position is a 9, so we round up, to give 7120 as the answer.

How do you round 43179 to the nearest 10?

As the final digit is a 9 we round up so the answer is 43180.

7480 rounded to the nearest 10?


Round off 9.09 to the nearest unit whole number?

Round off9.09 to the nearest whole number

What is 9.5 to the nearest whole number?

10 is the nearest whole number to 9.5, when dealing with decimals, numbers 1-4 round down and 5-9 rounds up. For example for rounding down, if you have 9.4, you round it to 9 and not 10.