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Q: Rs 800 becomes rs 956 in 3year at a certain rate of simple interest if the rate of interest is 4 percent what ammount will rs 800become 3 year?
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The difference between the simple and compound interest on a certain sum is Rs250 for two years at 5 percent Pa per annum Find the sum?

simple interst is when you earn interest from your principal but compound interest is when you earn interest from your principal as well as from your previous interest

What is interest earned?

Interest is a certain amount of money added on top of what you already have. For example: If you had £1000 in your bank account, and the bank added 5% interest, you would gain £50 free from the bank for keeping that £1000 in your bank.

The concepts of simple interest?

Simple interest is interest that is applied to the original amount for the whole period of the investment or loan. This is unlike compound interest where the interest received on an investment is re-invested, or the interest due on a loan is added to the loan outstanding if unpaid, and so itself gains interest. With simple interest on loans, it is often calculated that borrowing a certain amount for a number of years will be charged at a certain rate for the whole period; then at the end of the period of borrowing the original loan and all the interest are repaid at that moment. However, if monthly repayments are made, then part of the original loan as well as the interest for the month are repaid; this means that not all the loan is borrowed for the whole period and so the real [effective] rate of interest for the period is actually higher than the given rate as that given rate assumes no part of the loan is repaid until the very end.

How much time will a certain sum be1.5 times the principle at the rate of 10 percent anun?

At 10% simple interest (no compounding), $100 becomes $150 after 5 years. At 10% compounded annually, $100 is $146.41 at the end of 4 years, and $161.05 at the end of 5 years. If 10% simple interest is paid continuously throughout the year without compounding, then the $146.41 hits $150 at 89 days into the 5th year.

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At a certain rate of compound interest rs 15320 becomes rs 30640 in 6 year what is the rate of interest?


At a certain rate of compound interest rs 15320 becomes rs 30640 in 6 years what is the rate of interest?


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What is the rate of interest if a certain sum of money at compound interest becomes Rs. 7396 in two years and Rs 7950.7 in three years. find the rate of interest?

The difference between 2 years and 3 years is another addition of the interest. 7396 × (1 + rate/100) = 7950.7 → rate = (7950.7/7396 - 1) × 100 = 7.5 % compounded per year.

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What is cumulative interest?

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Can interest be charged on interest?

Interest is usually not charged on interest and is called capitalizing interest. On some occassions banks may roll interest on a note and thus charge interest on the interest, but this is not advisable and is only done in certain situations that demand that it be done.