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Here are a few, note x>0 and y>0 and a&b not = 1 * log (xy) = log(x) + log(y) * log(x/y) = log(x) - log(y) * loga(x) = logb(x)*loga(b) * logb(bn) = n * log(xa) = a*log(x) * logb(b) = 1 * logb(1) = 0

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Q: Rules of log
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Basic rules to find log and anti log?


What are the three basic log rules when dealing with logarithms?

Three basic log rules when dealing with logarithms are multiplication inside the log can be turned into addition outside the log, division inside the log can be turned into subtraction outside the log, an exponent on everything inside a log can be moved out front as a multiplier vice versa.

How do you solve k equals log4 91.8?

k=log4 91.8 4^k=91.8 -- b/c of log rules-- log 4^k=log 91.8 -- b/c of log rules-- k*log 4=log91.8 --> divide by log 4 k=log 91.8/log 4 k= 3.260

What are the rules when squaring a log squaring the whole log?

this is the question (log (base2) (x))^2- 12(log (base 2) (x)) + 32 = 0, I don't get this bit (log (base2) (x))^2, note the whole log is squared

What are some of the rules policies about selective logging and total log ban?

I think its vampire

What is the log of 1 x 1019?

19, of course. Review your logarithmic rules.

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What are the three simple rules of geocaching?

The three rules after finding a cache (as listed on the geocaching website) are:If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value.Log your find in the logbook.Log your find online.

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What is the difference between the Doyle scale and the International scale of measuring logs for lumber?

== == Since each of the log rules was developed using different methods with different assumptions, it is logical that they will not always result in the same volumes for given size logs. Table 1 shows a comparison of the three log rules for 16-foot logs ranging in diameter from 6 to 40 inches. Compared to the International Rule, both the Scribner and Doyle Rules underscale logs of smaller diameters. For example, a 12-inch-diameter log contains 95 board feet on the International scale, 80 board feet on the Scribner scale, and 64 board feet on the Doyle scale. Overall, the Doyle Rule will result in lower log volumes than the International Rule, up to a log diameter of 30 inches. Since nearly all logs in Virginia are below 30 inches in diameter, for all practical purposes the Doyle Rule will underestimate the actual board footage. If you are selling stumpage or logs, it is important to recognize the differences in volume associated with the different log rules. Since stumpage or log prices are based on the timber or log volume, you will receive substantially more income with the rules that scale your sizes higher. For example, take a log of 16 inches diameter x 16 feet in length and a value of $100 per thousand board feet. This log would have the following volumes and values based upon the different log rules: {| ! LogDiameter(in.) ! Log Rule ! Volume(board feet) ! Value ($) | 16 International 180 18.00 16 Scribner Decimal C 160 16.00 16 Doyle 144 14.40 |}

What is the name of the brains circulatory system?

tom dunsdons dad and mum log log log log log log log in my buttt

You tried to log in to the Pokemon moon RPG but it said you were band what does that mean?

It means you have lost your acces to the RPG becasue you have broken the rules.

What is the answer to log x6?

log(x6) = log(x) + log(6) = 0.7782*log(x) log(x6) = 6*log(x)

The log of a quotient is the log of the numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

Not quite. The log(x/y) = log(x) - log(y) In words, this reads "The log of a quotient is the difference of the log of the numerator and the log of the denominator."

Is it log on to or log onto?

log on to

The log of a quotient is the log of a numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

No. The log of a quotient is the log of a denominator subtracted from the log of the numerator.

If 3 log x - 2 log y?


Is log 5 equivalent to log 5-log 20?

No. log 20 is a positive number , so it you subtract it from log 5 you get less than log 5. However, log10 5 = 1 - log102 = 2- log1020 . or log 5 - log 20 = log 5 - log 4*5 = log 5 - (log 5 + log 4) = log 5 - log 5 - log 4 = - log 4 But we do not need to do all of these computations, because log 5 is different from log 5 - log 20 by the law of the equality that says two equals remain equal if and only if we subtract (in our case) the same thing from them.

For any positive number b not equal to 1 log b 1 equals?

Some basic logarithm rules appear in related links.

How do you solve a log?

You calculate a log, you do not solve a log!

If log a equals x and log b equals y what is log?

"Log" is not a normal variable, it stands for the logarithm function.log (a.b)=log a+log blog(a/b)=log a-log blog (a)^n= n log a

How do you store log files into event viewer?

application log, security log, system log

Log 5 plus log 2 equals?

Same as log(5x2) = log(10).

Log x - log 6 equals log 15?

log(x) - log(6) = log(15)Add log(6) to each side:log(x) = log(15) + log(6) = log(15 times 6)x = 15 times 6x = 90

how do i log in?

how do i log in

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