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1540 times 10 to the 5th power

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Q: Scientific notation 1540 km equals how many cm?
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10 centimeter equals how many millimeters?

10 centimeters equals 100 millimeters, or in scientific notation 1×102

0.293mL equals how many liters?

0.293 mL = 0.293 x 10-4 L (scientific notation) or 0.000293 L (standard notation)

10 millimeters equals how many kilometers in scientific notation?

10 millimeters = 1.0 × 10-5 kilometers

How many 0.8 g in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is a way of representing numbers: it does not have any mass and so there are 0 lots of 0.8g in scientific notation.

How many factors does a scientific notation have?


How many scientific figures are in 0.05730?

It is 5.73*10^-2 in scientific notation

Why is scientific notation useful in economics?

Scientific notation is useful in economics to compute very large or very small numbers.

What are the rules in writing in scientific notation?

there are many rules in writing A scientific notation but i don't remember it all im not the one who invented it you know

How many kg is 1 Newton in scientific notation?


How many centimeters in a meter in scientific notation?

1x102cm in a meter

In scientific notation how many digits should be to the left of the decimal point?

In scientific notation, you should have only one digit to the left of the decimal point.

How many newton in one kilogram in scientific notation?

1 newton

How many seconds are in 50 years in scientific notation?


Scientific notation is a way of making numbers scientific.?

No, it is not. In many branches of science it is necessary to deal with numbers which are very large or very small and scientific notation is used to represent such numbers more easily.

What is the difference of exponent and scientific notation?

scientific notation tells how many times you will move or add zero either left(positive) or right (negative). exponent tells you how many times you will multiply its coefficient.

Scientific notation is used in science because?

Scientific notation is used in many different applications for simplicity. it is much easier to write 1,321,540,000,000 as 1.32154 x 10^12.

How is a number expressed in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is when you multiply a number that is between 1 and 10 to 10 to a power. for example: I want to write 3,946,000,000 as a scientific notation. What I do is I divide the number by 10 over and over until the number is 3.946 then how many times I divided 3,946,000,000 by 10 is the exponent of 10 which you multiply by 3.946 and the Scientific notation of 3,946,000,000 is 3.946 * 109.

How many milligrams in a kilogram and express this in scientific notation?

1 • 10 ^ 6

What tells you how many places to move the decimal point in scientific notation?


How many inches in 2.52 in scientific notation?

2.52 x 100 inches.

How many seconds in one day scientific notation?

8.64 x 104

How many seconds in 6 hours per scientific notation?

It is 2.16*104.

How many seconds in 2 days per scientific notation?

It is 1.728*105.

When you have a scientific notation how many numbers should be on front of the decimal?

1 or 0

How many mm are in 3.6km written in scientific notation?

There are 3.6*10^6 of them.