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1540 times 10 to the 5th power

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Q: Scientific notation 1540 km equals how many cm?
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10 millimeters equals how many kilometers in scientific notation?

10 millimeters = 1.0 × 10-5 kilometers

How many 0.8 g in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is a way of representing numbers: it does not have any mass and so there are 0 lots of 0.8g in scientific notation.

How many factors does a scientific notation have?


Why is scientific notation useful in economics?

Scientific notation is useful in economics to compute very large or very small numbers.

How many centimeters in a meter in scientific notation?

1x102cm in a meter

What is the scientific notation for 300000?

The standard scientific notation for 3.00000 is 3*10^0 or 3E0. It can also be written as 300000*10-5 or 300000E-5 (or in many other nonstandard ways).

0.293mL equals how many liters?

0.293 mL = 0.293 x 10-4 L (scientific notation) or 0.000293 L (standard notation)

How many liters equals a milliliter in scientific notation?

"milli-" means "a thousandths of a unit". Then, 1 L = 1000 mL. Therefore, 1 L = 1.0 x 10³ mL.

How many newton in one kilogram in scientific notation?

1 newton

How many seconds are in 50 years in scientific notation?


What is the difference of exponent and scientific notation?

scientific notation tells how many times you will move or add zero either left(positive) or right (negative). exponent tells you how many times you will multiply its coefficient.

How do you find the scientific notation of a number?

Ok.... so heres how you find scientific notation: first you have your number then you count how many 0s are after the first digit in the number. then its 10 with the power of however many 0s you counted. Ex. say th number was 600,000,000 the scientific notation would be 8 and 10th power