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2 + tansquareA + cossquareA

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Q: Sec square A plus cosec square A equals?
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Which functions have period 2 pi?

Sin cos sec cosec

How do you calculate sec in trigonometry?

sec(x)=1/cos(x) - (hint: look at the third letter: sec->(1/)cos, cosec->(1/)sin, cot->(1/)tan)

How do you come 1.414 in computing in 45 degree angle?

sec 45o = cosec 45o = √2 ≈ 1.414

What are different types of number systems available in scientific calculator?

Sin Cos Tan Sec Cosec Cot

What are the different types of number system in scientific calculator?

tan cot sec cosec sin cos cot

Which functions have a period of Pi?

sin(2x), cos(2x), cosec(2x), sec(2x), tan(x) and cot(x) are all possible functions.

What is the differentiate of y equals tanx plus c?

y' = (sec(x))^2

Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

What are the different types of number systems available in scientific calculator?

tan cot sec cosec sin cos cot

What does 32 min 9 sec plus 40 min 10 sec equals?

32 min 9 sec 40 min 10 sec adding gives... 71 min 19 sec 1 hr 11 min 19 sec. ■

What are the 6 trig functions for 0 degrees 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees?

sin(0) = 0, sin(90) = 1, sin(180) = 0, sin (270) = -1 cos(0) = 1, cos(90) = 0, cos(180) = -1, cos (270) = 0 tan(0) = 0, tan (180) = 0. cosec(90) = 1, cosec(270) = -1 sec(0) = 1, sec(180) = -1 cot(90)= 0, cot(270) = 0 The rest of them: tan(90), tan (270) cosec(0), cosec(180) sec(90), sec(270) cot(0), cot(180) are not defined since they entail division by zero.

A ฦ’ equals 45 Hz ฮค equals?

1/45 sec or 0.023 sec

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