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"Bring the scale and let's weigh these math books."

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Q: Sentence with scale in it in math?
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What is a scale in math?

A scale, in math as in other fields where measuring is required, is a set of numbers that measure something.

What is a math scale?

A math scale is a set of numbers or amounts used to measure or compare the level of something .

What is a scale drawing in math?

The scale drawing in math is fun. You have to know the challenge level of the basic Mathematics.

What is the definition for scale in math?

A scale in math is basically a ruler which is usually 1 ft 12 in 30 cm

How is a scale used in math?

a scale is an arrangement of numbers in uniform intervals

What is a scale written as a ratio in its simplest form in math?

scale factor

Do you capitalize the word math in a sentence?

Only if starts a sentence: Math is my favorite subject.If not: I need to study for my math test.

Do you capitalize math if you are using it in a sentence as math committee?


Should you capitalize math in a sentence?

No, math is not capitalized.

Is it maths or math?

Math is the correct spelling for this sentence. Maths can be the correct spelling for this sentence. In other words it depends on how you put it in a sentence. * * * * * English : Maths US : Math

How do you find the scale factor in math?

well.... first off you have to find the scale factor...

Is this sentence correct you had maths or you did maths?

it is not correct, it is you had math, or you did math.

Which nouns are in the sentence All maps are drawn to a certain scale?

The nouns in the sentence are:maps, subject of the sentence;scale, object of the preposition 'to'.

What is the difference between a math phrase and a math sentence?

Math sentence;1+2+3 Math phrase: If i had 1 sock and i got 2 more socks i would have 3.

How can you used the word Grid in a sentence?

I can use my math grid to do my math.

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

How do you use the word math in a sentence?

That math test was really tough!

Is a expression is a math sentence with no?

it no 25

What is an addition sentence?

It is and math problem :))

Do you capitalize math and science in a sentence?


Is this sentence correct in grammar?

this is the sentence I prepared for a math competition, hours spent on complicated math problems every day.

How has math and science made reporting earthquakes more accurate?

Math and science are both used to read and report the Richter scale. The Richter scale is used to measure earthquakes.

What is a sentence for mohs scale?

The Mohs scale compares the hardness of an object or substance.

What do you call a math sentence with an equal sign?

A math sentence with an equal sign would be an equation.If there is no equal sign, it would be an expression.

Rejoin in a sentence?

I rejoined the math club.