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Severe or radical in nature is a phrase that is used to describe something extreme. It is something done in a drastic manner like amputating the entire leg.

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Q: Severe or radical in nature extreme?
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What is severe or radical in nature?


What is Another word for drastic?

extreme, strong, radical, severe, harsh

How do you spell extreme?

That is the correct spelling of "extreme" (intense, severe, or great).

What is the slang word for radical?

Radical is the slang word, unless you meant radical as in 'extreme measures' if so the slang word is 'heavy' or 'harsh'

What are the release dates for One Radical Voice One Extreme Opinion - 2006?

One Radical Voice One Extreme Opinion - 2006 was released on: USA: October 2006

What is a synonym for severe?

Brutal,Extreme or Hard.

What is severe scoliosis?

An extreme curvature of the spine.

How is extreme heat severe weather?

It can kill you!

What is the Hebrew word for radical?

radical (as in extreme): רדיקלי (rah-dee-KAH-lee) radical (as in Hebrew grammar): שורש (shoresh)

What are synonyms of the word drastic?

Some synonyms for drastic are severe and radical.

What is a 7 letter for ultumet?

extreme, primary, radical, optimum, complete

What republicans favored a more extreme approach toward the South?


What is the difference between a radical and a conservative?

Wrong question. Radicals can be either liberal or conservative; they just have to be radical, that is, pretty extreme.

Why did radical political movements gain popularity during the 1930s?

Because Radical groups advocate extreme and immediate change.

A person who holds extreme views is sometimes called?

a person who sometimes holds extreme views is called a radical.

What was the bourbon reconstruction?

Less severe type of reconstruction than radical reconstruction.

What type of government did Napoleon concentrate authority to create?

a radical (or extreme) liberal

What does radical mean in history politics?

a person who takes extreme politicial position.

A person who relates to a political group associated with views of extreme change?

A Radical

Which of these is a person who relates to a political group associated with views of extreme change?


What are examples of extreme weather?

Extreme weather includes tornadoes, tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons, etc.). large hail, severe thunderstorm winds, and severe blizzards.

What is severe weather mean?

.Severe weather is when you have normal weather and it turns to the extreme. For example: Snow turns to extreme whether then becomes a blizzard. Wind turns to extreme weather then becomes a tornado or a hurricane. Rain turns to extreme weather then becomes a flood.

Another word for drastic?

severe, extravagant, strong, extreme

What cause severe storms and extreme weather conditions?


Is mump is a extreme disease?

Not usually but it can cause severe consequences.