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Share 10.00 equally among 4 people?

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Share 10.00 among 4 people

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how though-?

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If 1000 is shared equally among four people how much money does each person have?

Everybody will have 250.

Can 689 go into 1000?

1000 does not divide equally into 689.

What does 1000 meters go into equally?

1000 meters is equal to 1 kilometer

What is divided equally into 342 and 1000?

1 and 2

What number can be equally divided by 10?

100, 1000 100000, 100000 and so on

If divide Rs 10 in 3 people and it should be divided equally there should not be remaining anything?

It is not possible because 10 (or 1000 paise) is not divisible by 3.

A coorporation has outstanding 1000 share of 8 prefrred share if 100 for 3 yearcalculate briefly prefrred dividend before dividend declared?

If a corporation has outstanding 1000 share of 8 preferred share and 100 for 3 years, the preferred dividend before dividend declaration is 50.

Can i invest 1000 Indian rupees in share market?


What does per person twin share mean?

It means that, for example if the hotel room for twin sharing costs 1000 and you are by your self you'll have to pay 1000, but if you share it with someone, then he/she will pay another 1000 which makes it 2000 and that's why it is called per person.

What made Israelites unique among ancient people?

Israel is the only country with its own language that has existed for 1000 years and then it was broken up and the people scattered for another 1000 years and then returned to their homeland to re-establish their country and speaking with the same language.

Can any ship take 1000 billion people at a time?

1000 billion?? or 1000 people? i don't think 1000 billion people live in this world. how can a passenger ship take 1000 billion people? NO.

What is a multiple of 1000 and 100?

2,000 and 10,000 are among the answers.

How much DNA does a human share with another human?

1000 Maybe

What is 1 liter divided by 5 equally?


Was there ever a trillionaire?

Think about it... Among Billions of people in the world, there are only about 1000 Billionaires alive.. A Trillionaire? That's out of the box!

How many people are there per 1000 people in Kenya?

Every person in Kenya is a person, therefore there are 1000 people per 1000 people in Kenya.

What GCF will go into 1000 equally?

That depends on what the other number is. You need at least two numbers to find a GCF.

What is one share of 1955 IBM stock worth today?


What is 133 over 1000 in simplest form?

Since the numbers 133 and 1000 share no common positive integer factors, 133/1000 is already expressed in its simplest form.

What are the differences between earnings per share and dividends per share?

Earning and dividend are two different things that's why they are also different from each other Example: Total Earning in 20xx = 1000 Dividend = 200 Number of shares = 100 Earning per share = 1000/100 = 10 Dividend per share = 200/100 = 2

Was shakespeare know in his local area?

He was, of course well-known among the theatrical people of London. He would also have been well-known at least by reputation in Stratford, which was a town of only 1000 people.

How many doctors per 1000 people in Madagascar?

0.29 per 1000 people

Is the fraction 118 over 1000 in simplest from?

Yes because 118 and 1000 share no other factors than 1 and 2, so therefore 118 over 1000 is in simplest form.

Who said 1000 people 1000 different?

Does this mean that 1000 people are either so stupid or too busy to answer this this basaic question????

What is 259 over 1000 simplified?

Since the numbers 259 and 1000 share no positive integer factors other than 1, the proper fraction 259/1000 is already expressed in its simplest form.