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There are many shell programs that will find the sum of the square of individual digits of a number. A small example is: SD=3n=2, sum=2, and SD=2.

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Q: Shell program to find the sum of square of individual digits of a number?
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How many numbers does the square root have?

The number of digits in the square root of a number depends on the number. If it is a square number, the square root will have a finite number of digits. If the number is not a square number then the square root will be an irrational number with an infinite, non-repeating decimal representation. In both cases, the number of digits before the decimal point, in the square root of x will be the rounded value of 1+0.5*log10(x)

If n is an odd number then the number of digits in its square root will be?

I cannot see how odd or even will determine the number of digits in the square root. For example:100 is an even number, and its square root is 10 (2 digits)121 is an odd number, and its square root is 11 (2 digits)Maybe the question is not phrased properly for what the questioner is asking.

How many 2 digits numbers are such that the difference of the number and the number with the digits reversed is a perfect square?

If the number with the digits reversed can have a leading 0 so that it is a 1-digit number, then 16. Otherwise 13.

What is the highest three letter number that is a perfect square plus 1?

I assume you mean three-digit number. The individual symbols used to write a number (0, 1, ... 9) are called digits.Here is how you can solve this: The highest number you can write with three digits (that doesn't necessarily fulfil your conditions) is 999. Calculate its square root; round the result downwards to the nearest integer; square it again; add 1.

How many digits does the square root of 55 have?

The square root of 55 is an irrational number, meaning it never ends and doesn't have a repeating digit pattern, so it has an infinite number of digits.

What number has 2 digits the ones digit is odd the tens digit is even the sum of the digits are divisable by 3 the number is a square number?


I am a square number your digits total is 13?

I/you/we am 49

A square number with 4 digits?

1225 = 352.

What number is a perfect square that is a 3 digits number which ends with 2?

There are none.

What number is a square number the sum of its digits is 7 and the difference is 5?


A Square number a 2 digit number the sum of its digits is 10?


What is a square number a 2 digit number and the product of its digits is 8?


What is the number that is odd it is not a square number has a factor of 3 it is composite the digits add up to 6 and the digits are not the same?


What is that number where the sum of its digits and its square root are equal?


What 2 digit number is the square of the sum of its digits?


What is a square number is a factor of 3 and is 3 digits?


A 3-digit number a square number and the product of its digits is 2?


What number is a 3 digit square number with the product of its digits equal to 2?


Program to find square and cube of a number?

square and cube caculator

I am a square number. I am an odd two-digit number. The sum of my digits is a two-digit number. What number am I?


The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number equals the square root of the number What is the number?


What number between between 100 and 300 has a square root that is a prime number and the sum of it's digits is an odd number?

There can't be a prime number that has a square root because the square root would be a factor of the number.

What is the square root of 3.43?

It is an irrational number, but rounded to 10 digits, the square root of 3.43 is 1.852025918.

Square root of 108?

Rounded to ten digits, the number is 10.39230485

How many numbers are in the square root of pie?

Pi is an irrational number and has an infinite number of digits after the decimal point. So does its square root.