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of course not other wise you wouldn't know what grade your going to and u might end up in grad 14 and u might only be in grade 13

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Q: Should grades be eliminated from education?
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Why should there be year-rounded schooling for grades K-12?

because there is more education and more approtunity to get a good education

What is more important education or grades and why?

Education is more important, but if you are learning what you are being taught your grades will reflect it.

Reasons why middle men should be eliminated?

why should middle men be eliminated

Should you get paid for good grades?

Education is for your benefit, and it is its own reward. You should not have to be paid to learn things that you will need to know in order to be successful in life.

Why should middle men be eliminated from the chain of business?

The middle men should not be eliminated

When does education considered as beneficial?

Education is considered beneficial when you complete it and get good grades

What education does a nature artist need?

some highly qualified education and good grades

Should you abolish k to 12?

You should not generally abolish grades K to 12 schooling because it will severally limit the education of young people. Even if education is more limited, it will still provide the building block for the future.

Are missing grades worth a lot?

yes missing grades do worth a lot because your grades to help your education - hi im here

Education nominal data or ordinal data?

Education should be treated as a nominal scale because the years spent between two grades are not same for all the grades. i.e. difference between Jr. College and Sr. College isn't same as between graduation and post-graduation.

Democratic views on education?

Hillary, and Obama believe in a free education for all children. Obama takes it a step farther by saying that if a high school student has the grades and ACT scores high they should be able to receive a free college tutuition as long as they keep their grades up.

Should students grades in gym affect their grade point averages?

Yes. Gym, physical education, is as important as every other class.