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Unless you want the power off or there is an overload condition that caused the breaker to trip.

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Q: Should the ac breaker and furnace breaker always be on?
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Where is the ac circuit breaker?

It's in the basement. Turn on the light switch behind the dryer, walk past the furnace, stay to the left of the water heater, and you'll eventually see the breaker box on the wall in front of you. For heaven's sake, do be careful.

Want a wiring diagram from ac condenser to furnace?

I think you mean from the furnace to the ac unit as the ac unit does not power anything, so here is the low voltage wiring schematic from furnace to ac unit. Y--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Y C or Common----------------------------------------------------------------------------------C

Would replacing an old 15 amp breaker stop the air conditioner and fan from throwing the breaker?

What size is the AC? Look at the power consumption rating of the AC unit; if it pulls anything close to 15 amps, a new breaker will not solve your problem. There should be an information panel that shows the current draw of the AC. If the AC pulls more than the breaker can handle, you need to re-wire the outlet for the AC. You can't safely just replace the breaker with a larger one since that would result in a fire hazard.

Do you have to purchase a new furnace to get central AC or can central AC be added with an existing furnace using the existing duct work?

My parents did it with existing ductwork.

What breaker should you use for your air conditioner?

It depends on how much amperage your ac pulls. It could be a 30a, 40a, or 50a breaker on a dedicated (isolated) circuit.

Is a 40 amp circuit breaker ok for a 30 amp air conditioner?

Yes. You should use 8 AWG wire from breaker to AC unit.

Do AC units have a breaker inside the unit?


Heat pump Or gas furnace and AC unit which system to install?

Your location matters. If in Florida heat pump in more northern climes furnace & ac.

Main breaker overheating when ac is on?

Problem with ac drawing to much current.

Can a 4 amp breaker be used to replace a 35 amp breaker for ac unit?


How do you check the breaker on the outside ac unit?

Even though the A/C unit is outside, the breaker for it will be in the entrance panel box inside your home. It should be clearly marked.

Why is my fan on my ac unit not coming on when i turn the heat on?

The fan on the ac unit is only for ac. When heat is needed only the burner in the furnace turn on and is pushed throughout the house with a separate blower inside the furnace.

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