Should you keep pennies

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Sure, like they say,"A penny saved is a penny earned."

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Q: Should you keep pennies
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What pennies should you keep for a coin collection?

Many collectors keep any wheat pennies(1909-1958) and Indian head pennies( 1859-1909). You should also keep any coins with mint errors. These are are usually worth above face value.

Why are modern day pennies still coated in copper?

to keep tradition of the pennies

Should there be pennies?


Why are pennies not good to keep?

Pennies are good to keep their just very heavy when you have a pocket full of them. Pennies are worth more then the coin value they are worth 1.17 cents. I am also ******* a hot woman right now:)

Ellen has 12 pennies she gave one-fourth of the pennies to Will how many did she keep?


Do pennies and water keep flies away?


Why do you find pennies everywhere?

You find pennies everywhere because people do not like to keep them and they just throw them away.

What was the purpose of stopping the production if pennies?

The purpose of stopping the production of pennies outweighs the reasons to keep the pennies. The pennies cost 2.4 cents just to be minted. The usage of pennies wastes actual time. The pennies cause safety hazards to small children and are not even accepted by all machines, vendors, and shops.

Should wheat pennies be cleaned?

No, this will decrease the value.

Why if you add pennies to a vase does it keep the flowers from wilting?

No yes it will retards

How many pennies do you need to have 10 dollars?

1000 pennies equal 10 dollars because 100 pennies equal $1 so 10 should be double that and It is 100

Why do people waste pennies?

because they thimk its worth notihing but if you keep saving them you can get a lot of money. I have a bin full of pennies and when i cashed it in it was worth 120 dollars!!

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