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one fifth

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Q: Should you say please cut in one fifths or one fifth?
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What does 4 fifths look like?

Cut a cake in 5 pieces. Take out 4 pieces. The one piece is a one fifth and the four pieces is the 5 fifths.

What is more two fifth or four fifth?

Four fifths are more than two fifths. Think of a pie that was cut into 5 slices. If I gave you 4 pieces out of five, versus giving the other person 2 piece out of five, who would have more on their plate? You.

A piece of wire 16 m long is cut into two pieces so that one piece is three fifths as long as the other find the length of each piece?

one fifth is 3.2m. so one three-fifths piece is 9.6m and the two-fifths piece is 5.4m

How many one - fifths are there in 2 wholes?

There are ten fifths to two wholes. For example, a whole pie is cut into five slices. Each slice is one fifth of the whole pie. If you have two pies then you must have 5 x 2 = 10 slices (or ten fifths of two pies).

Should Lloyd cut his hair?

Yes he should, 1 all over please!

What should you say before asking the bride and groom to cut the cake?

"Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in welcoming the bride and groom up to cut the cake - A Big Round of applause please!"

How would you explain to a third grader who is just starting to learn about fractions that one tenth is smaller than one fifth even though ten is larger than five can you use a real-world object to?

Well draw a apple pie, have one one cut into tenths and one cut into fifths this si the way i learned.

Which is better 'The crater was five times smaller than a football field' or 'The crater was one fifth the size of a football field'?

Well, generally people would have trouble picturing an actual space that is five times smaller than a football field. Most would'nt even think of seeing it as one fifth. In saying that, it is more understandable and visual for the average person to hear one fifth. E.g cut that melon into fifths....cut a piece of melon that is five times smaller than its present size... See the diff?

If an eight-inch pie is cut into fifthshow many pieces will you have?

Five. Anything cut into fifths will produce five pieces.

When should you cut boxer puppies tails?

Please leave the clipping to the vet. They will know when and how to do it. Ask them.

2 boards are cut into fifths how many pieces are there?


How would you cut a circle into fifths?

Each arc of the circle will measure 360/5 = 72 degrees

What vein to cut in your arm if you want to bleed out?

don't cut yourself. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! post a message on my meassage board if you need help. I want to help.

I am 5'3 and normal weight how many calories should i consume a day while pregnant?

please as a father dont really concentrate on a diet...just cut back on soda and fast food and you can basically have what ever you want as you please...just dont cut back to much u would cut back nutirents for the your baby. look into prenaidle pills too...

Is one eighth greater than one fifth?

Nope. Think of it this way. Which is bigger, a piece from a pie cut into eight pieces, or a piece cut from a pie that was cut into five pieces?

In Pokemon red edition where do you find hm cut?

you get it ffrom fifth ym leader

Can an rectangles be cut half in to vertically or horizontally?

Yes, you can cut a rectangle any way you please.

Cut off of 171.5?

please clarify.

Why do you cut notches in the sticks of a kite?

I don't know, please answer this

How can you prevent your parents freaking out when you say you cut?

They should freak out. You should not cut.

Which is larger 2 fifths or 3 fifths?

Three fifths is larger than two fifths. In fractions, if the bottom numbers (denominators) are the same, then the fraction with the larger top number (numerator) is larger. Look at it another way. Lets say there is one cake, and we cut the cake into 5 equal pieces. So each piece is 1/5. Now if you were very hungry, would you rather have two slices (2/5) or three (3/5)?

Is it wrong for Christians to cut themselves?

Yes, because we were bought at a price and we belong to Him. We should love our bodies and souls and be in Him and Him in us. If you want to cut yourself, think why and try to fix it. Counseling would also be a good idea. PLEASE view the related question.

Should strawberry plants be cut back?

No they should not be cut back!

How do you say do not cut please?

No cortar, por favor

Why shouldn't you cut your cats whiskers?

You could kill a cat if their whiskers are cut. Cats' have nerves very very close to the whiskers. Please do not cut a cats' whiskers.