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No it should be subtaction because:-

x+11 = 36.3

Subtract 11 from both sides

x = 25.3

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Q: Should you use addition for the problem x plus 11 equals 36.3?
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What are the parts of an addition problem?

There are many parts that go into an addition problem. Most often there are numbers, a plus sign, and an equals sign.

Is 7 plus 15 equals 15 plus 7 a commutative addition or associative addition problem?

15 -7 = 8

What is 44 plus 221 plus 6?

The addition problem 221 plus 44 plus 6 equals to 271.

What do you call the adding numbers in a addition problem?

Addend plus addend equals sum.

What is the number that is being added in an addition problem?

Addend plus addend equals sum.

Which property is demonstrated by this problem 39 plus 0 equals 0 plus 39?

The commutative property of addition.

What does 395 plus 395 equals?

790. You should really work on your addition skills.

0.33 plus 0.4 equals what?

Oh pleasssse. This is a simple addition problem. You are not smarter than a fifth grader!

What is the addition property for 8 plus 6 equals 6 plus 8?

commutative property of addition

Which property is illustrated by this problem 14 plus 18 equals 18 plus 14?

14 + 18 = 18 + 14 demonstrates the commutative property (of addition).

How toIdentify the addition property used to rewrite each problem 14 plus 102 plus 367 equals 102 plus 14 plus 367?


Is 4 plus 2 equals 2 plus 4 a associative propertybof addition?

Its commutative property of addition

1 plus 2 equals 2 plus 1 is an example of what addition property?

The answer is the commutative property of addition.

What is the answer to g plus t equals t plus g?

Addition is commutative.

Name property of 12 plus 917 equals 917 plus 12?

Commutativity of addition or the fact that addition is Abelian.

Which property is in this equation 2 plus 8 equals 8 plus 2?

2 plus 8 equals 8 plus 2 demonstrates the commutative property of addition

5 plus 4 equals 9 and 4 plus 5 equals 9 is an example of what property of addition?


What is the answer to the addition problem 1234789 plus 13434567?

It is 14,669,356.

What property is 5 plus 2 equals 2 plus 5?

commutative of addition.

Is 5 plus x equals x plus 5 commutative of addition?

yes it is

What property of addition is involved in 4 plus 0 equals 4?

Identity Property of Addition

What does 0 plus x plus y equals x plus y equal?

That's the identity property of addition. Anything plus zero equals what you started out with.

What property would this be If x plus y equals 3 then 3 equals x plus y?

Symmetric Property of Addition

13 equals negative 4x plus 9?

The answer to the problem of 13 equals -4x plus 9 is x equals -1.

What are the numbers in addition called?

Addend plus addend equals sum