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Q: Should you wear slippers when entering a room with a tatami floor?
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Should you wear slippers on tatami floor?

No, you should not, as the floor can be easily damaged.

Is a Geisha's mat called a tatami?

Floor mats in traditional Japanese homes are called Tatami Mats.

Straw matting used as a floor covering especialy in Japanese houses?

The matting is called a tatami and they are generally made from rice stalk straw.

What are some of the rules of etiquette when entering a Japanese home?

You may say 'ojama shimasu' when you enter. You should remove your shoes in the entrance, and may put on slippers if they are provided. (If the home has any tatami floors, you should not wear slippers on them; instead, you should only wear socks or go barefoot, as tatami can be easily damaged.) It is also polite to bring a gift, typically a food item or alcohol. If you are staying for a length of time, you may be invited to take a bath. In this case, if the home has an 'ofuro,' there are some special rules. In Japanese homes with 'ofuro,' there is a tiled area with a drain in the floor separate from the bathtub. Here you may cleanse yourself with the detachable shower head as you normally would, using soap/shampoo as you wish. Once you're clean, and have rinsed away all of the soap/shampoo, you may enter the 'ofuro' (bathtub). The water is usually quite warm and very relaxing. Once you've had enough, do not drain the water, as it is reused. When going to the toilet, make sure to remove your house slippers and put on the bathroom slippers.

Why do the Japanese wear slippers in their homes?

Japanese people share the same traditions with other parts of Southeast Asia. It is customary to remove shoes before entering the house because they consider the floor clean. After removing their shoes, they tend to wear slippers within the household.

Japanese mat is called?

If you are referring to the rice mats they use in the floor, it's tatami (畳)

The marble floor feels cold to touch?


What is so special about tatami mats?

Japanese tatami mats give special Oriental feel and aroma. These mats are beautiful and traditional floor covers that are believed to bring forth a flow of good luck into the home.

Should firefighters get water from a standpipe from the floor below?

In my opinion, yes. For safety, you should always have a water supply established before entering into a hazard area. In this case, if you are in a building with a standpipe and you are entering into a fire, you should have a charged line with enough hose to operate on the fire floor.

What is a Japanese floor mat?

It is called tatami and is used as a traditional floor covering. Common courtesy (unless stated otherwise) is to remove one's shoes before stepping on one.

What is the playground of judo called?

The name of any martial arts practice area is the dojo(pronounced du-jo). The floor of it is called tatami (pronounced tae-ta-mee)

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slip the slippery floor with your slippers