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greater than looks like >

less than looks like <

you can remember it like this both the signs look like pack man pack man will only eat the bigger number. Or a crocodile eating a bigger whatever.

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Q: Show me what greater than or less than looks like in math.?
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An acute angle looks like a book that is a more closed than open.

Show you what the math shape pentagon looks like?

show me what a pentagon shape looks like

What does a greater than symbol look like?

It looks like &gt;

What do the greater than and less signs look like?

Greater than: >Less than:

How does 125 angle looks like?

It is an obtuse angle because it's greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

Is 0.67 greater or less then 0.667?

Yes.Think of it like this...0.670and0.667670 is greater than 667

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looks like a 12-sided polygon

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What does the greater and less then sign look like?

First of all, the question should be asked like: What does the greater and less than sign look like? Greater Than Sign - &gt; Less Than Sign - &lt; Equal To Sign - = Your Welcome!

Less than sign?

It looks like this:

What does the greater sign look like in maths?

&gt; - greater than &lt; - less than

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What does the more than sign looks like?

the more than sign looks like this &gt; and if you want to know the less than sign it looks like this &lt;

What sign is least and which one is greatest?

There is no sign for least or greatest.< is for less than> is for greater than.One way to help remember is that the sign for Less than looks like the letter L - tilted a bit.

What does the less than sign look like?

The less than symbol looks like this: &lt; This is where A &lt; B ; A is less than B

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What does greater than and less than look like in maths?

5 &gt; (greater than) 2 2 &lt; (less than) 5

What does the musical accent mark look like?

It looks like a greater-than sign (as used in math).

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What does an inequality sign look like?

&gt; greater than &lt; less than &gt; greater than or equal to (underlined) -- &lt; less than or equal to (also underlined) --