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sign and symbols are on pictures

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Q: Sign and symbols
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An operation sign but no equal sign?

If symbols do not have an equals then it is an expression.

What are the symbols of hope?

The symbols of hope are the white dove, the heart and the sign of belief.

What are liturgical symbols?

sign of the cross

What are symbols of the Church?

It is a cross sign

What are three astrological signs and symbols?

Each astrological sign corresponds with a range of birthdays, as well as a symbol. Three of these signs and symbols include Taurus, with the sign of the bull, Aries, with the sign of the ram, and Leo, with the sign of the lion.

What are Ares' symbols?

His symbols are the spear with blood on it. His animal sign is the dog and his bird is the vulture.

What were some popular symbols in the 1960s?

Symbols- peace sign, smiley face, etc

A picture of Artemis' sign?

There is no set sign for Artemis, it varies with symbols and myths.

The use of symbols is called?

sign language

Symbols used to specify the calculations to be preformed in a formula are called?

Operators are the symbols to specify the calculations to be performed in a formula. These operators can include the equal sign, addition sign, and the less than sign used in mathematics.

What is peace sign?

There are different symbols that are used a peace sign. Some common symbols include an olive branch, rainbow flag, a dove and so many more.

What is the proper name for the 5 mathematical symbols?

Plus, minus, division sign, multiplication sign, and equal sign... +,-, /, x, =

What are symbols for change?

the delta sign or a triangle shape

Symbols of marriage?

The sign for marriage is mainly the Rings.

How do you type an accent sign?

on Microsoft word, you can go on the option symbols. then you choose the sign you want.

What symbols that are used to represent a teacher?

The symbols are a apple,books,ruler,an a pluse sign, homework and prices of paper

How do you type math symbols on a computer?

= is the equals sign + is the plus sign * is the multiplication sign / is the divide sign - is the minus sign

A school crossing sign is an example of a?

Warning sign. Warning signs are usually yellow with black letters and symbols.

The giver by lowis lowry sign and symbols?

I dont know.Figure it out your self!

Is Hera's sign the peacock?

Yes, the peacock was one of Hera's symbols.

Oliver Pollock created which of the following symbols in 1778?

Dollar Sign

What does a pelican represent?

In a old Masonic text of symbols the sign of the pelican; in its own words says it is a signof Christ.

What symbols do you use?

plus sign (+), minus (-), number (#), decimal point for decimals and money, percent (%), dollar sign ($), equal (=)

What are the symbols used for multiplying in math?

Basic sign is 'x' or 'X'. The proper sign for calculating is '*'. boswell1

On Microsoft Word how do you get the devide sign?

you go to symbols on insert then go and the button that says more symbols then you look for the divide sign and click on it then click insert and then cancel then you have the divde sign but if your looking for the one you use for long division well im trying to look for that myself