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The significant figure 2.00 has to do with the certainty of a measurement.

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Q: Significant figure 2.00
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How do you round 154.8 to one significant figure?

200 Explanation: 2 is the one significant figure. The zeros are not significant. Round up because it is closer to 200 than to 100.

What is 167.77 to one significant figure?

It is 200 rounded to one significant figure

What is significant figure of 200?

The 2 is significant.

What is 218 to one significant figure?

It is 200

What is the significant figure of 246.32?

The greatest is 2 for 200 and altogether there are 5 significant figures.

What is 150.932 to 1 significant figure?


What is the scientific notation for 200?

(if there is to be one significant figure) 2 * 102(if there are to be two significant figures) 2.0 * 102 (if there are to be three significant figures) 2.00 * 102

How do you Round 213 to 1 significant figure?


How many significant figures are in -20.0?

Three (3). Rules for significant figures: 1. Leading zeros are never significant. Leading zeros are ones that come before any other digit, such as the first 0 in 0.1 2. Non-zero digits are always significant. 3. Zeros between two non-zero digits are always significant. In 202, the 0 is significant because of this. 4. Trailing zeros are significant if and only if there is a decimal point. For example, 200 has 1 significant figure, but 200. has 3.

What is the logarithm of 200?

The logarithm to the base ten of 200 is 2.301 to four significant digits.

What percent is 200 of 1460?

100(200/1460) = 13.7 %, to the number of significant digits justified by the limiting datum, 200.

How many significant digits are there in 200?


How can you round 200.601 to three significant figures?

200. The decimal is important because without it, 200 has one significant digit. * * * * * Not correct! 200.601 rounds to 201.

How many moles in 200 grams of chromium?

1 mole Cr = 51.9961g (atomic weight in grams) 200g Cr x 1mol/51.9961g = 3.85mol Cr = 4mol Cr rounded to 1 significant figure

How many significant figures are in 70 200?

There are three.

How many significant figures does the number 200 have?


How much does a precursor Lego figure cost?


How many significant figures does 200 ml contain?


How many significant figures are there in 200?

Just the one and it is 2

How do you figure out percent?

One way to figure percent is to multiply by the percentage and divide by 100. Another way is to convert the percentage to a decimal fraction and multiply. For example, 20 percent of 200 is 20/100 x 200 = 40, or .2 x 200 = 40.

How many of the zeros in the measurement 0.000 040 200 m are significant?

the zero to the left of the decimal is not significant however all zeros after a decimal point are significant. there are 7 significant zeros

What is the scientific notation of 963 200?

963 200 = 9.63200*105 or, if the last two digits are not significant, 9.632*105.

Round 213 to the nearest figure?

213 rounds to 200

What is 25446 to 1 significant figures?


How many yards are there in 200 millimetres?

There are 914.4 millimetres in one yard. Therefore, rounded to three significant figures, 200 millimetres is equal to 200/914.4 = 0.219 yards.