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Increasing the dimensions of the smaller of the similar triangles (if they are not already congruent) by a suitably chosen constant factor.

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Q: Similar triangles can be made into congruent triangles by doing what?
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Similar triangles can be made into congruent triangles by?

Dilating them

How can similar triangles be made into congruent triangles?

dilating them.

Similar triangles can be made into congruent triangles by what?


What is true about triangles if the triangular prism is made of 2 triangles and 3 rectangles?

That the triangles will be congruent

Is a rectangle made up of congruent shapes?

I think a rectangle is NOT made up of congruent shapes because it only does not have triangles.

What is made up of 4 congruent triangles?

The Triforce in Zelda games!

Can all 4 sided shape be made by two right angled triangles?

Absolutely. Any two congruent right triangles will form a rectangle, and if the right triangles are isosceles right triangles, they will form a square.

What is a polygon that is made up of 22 triangles?

Assuming ALL 22 triangles are congruent, this would be a 22-gon, also known as an icositedigon

What shape is made out of two congruent triangles?

If you have 2 EQUILATERAL triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: SQUARE. If you have 2 ISOSCELES triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: RECTANGLE. If you have 2 OBTUSE triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: PARALLELOGRAM.

Why are the diagonals of a parallelogram not congruent?

If you look ate the parallelogram you'll see two kinds of triangles. Two that have longer diagonal and bigger angle, and two sides of parallelogram. Then, you have two triangles that have two sides of parallelogram, shorter diagonal and smaller angle. This triangles obviously have two sides that are the same (sides of parallelogram). If this two triangles had been congruent diagonals would have been congruent too, since these triangles would have been congruent. But this is not true unless angles of parallelogram are the same, therefore diagonals cannot be the same length. Of course, there are parallelograms that have same angles, and those are square and rectangle, which do have the same angles. I hope I made this more clear, and I'm sorry for my bad English.

How do you find similar rectangles?

Well, since you already know each angle is 90 degrees by the side and angles theorem, hypotenuse leg theorem (angle, side, side) Each triangle in that rectangle (if cut diagonally from two most remote interior angles) are congruent. They would be similar to another rectangles inner triangles if one other angle is the same as the other triangles angles. This would also make the rectangles congruent. If all the angles are equal in triangles they are always similar. And if two of a triangle's angles are given (or findable) then it's third angle is congruent to the other triangle too. Final summation- So all you need are two angles of on triangle cut from a rectangle (diagonally from most remote interior angles) The rest should just be basic math and algebra. Hope that helped. I am currently in a geometry course and we are proving congruency of triangles right now, so that's how figured it out. I'm sure some mathematician has a better answer, but I would try that. (if it made sense) :)

How many different parallelograms can be made if a pair of adjoining sides must be congruent?

There is 1000 didfferent way of doing a parallelograms.......|