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Q: Simplify 4a plus 7b plus 6a-3b-2a?
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6a plus 7b - 4a - 8b equals?

6a + (7b - 4a - 8b) = (6a - 4a) + (7b - 8b) = 2a - b

Simplify the expression -21a plus 2b plus 14a-9b?


How do you solve 2a 7b 2a - 7b?

2a+2a-7b+7b =4a

What is 3a plus 2b-4a plus b?

The given expression can be simplified to: 3b-a

Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

a + 7b + 2c

What is 19b plus 7b?

It is: 19b+7b = 26b

How do you simplify 6a plus 2b-3a plus 5b?

Collect the terms in a, then the terms in b, getting 6a - 3a + 2b + 5b which simplifies to 3a + 7b. Gettit?

What is the answer for (-a-7b plus 5)4ab?


5b plus 2b plus 10?

It is: 7b+10 simplified

What is 3a plus 4b plus 6a plus 3b in algebra?

9a + 7b *remember to look and understand the letters!*

A plus 3b plus 5a plus 4b?


What is the answer to b plus 7b?


Which expression is equivalent to 7b plus 4b-1b?

It is: 7b+4b-1b = 10b when simplified

What is 4b plus 7b plus 5 equal?

4b plus 7b plus 5 will equal 11b plus 5. When you have two variables that are the same you can add the two numbers with the variables remaining the same.

What is the answer to -7b plus equals -51?


The difference between two numbers is 9 Four times the larger is seven times the smaller What are the two numbers?

a = b + 9; 4a = 7b so 4 x (b + 9) = 7b, ie 4b + 36 = 7b so b = 12 and a = 21

Can someone Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

ok, let's see: (3a-2a) + (2b+5b) +(-c +3c) = a + 7b +2c I think that's right.

What is the average y7 level?

Well for me, it was 7b but for an average, run-of-the-mill school kid, it should be around 4a-5c.

2x plus 7b?

2x + 7b is an expression. Since it is not an equation it cannot be solved. Furthermore, as an expression, there is no meaninful simplification, either.

How do you factor 56b2 plus 121b plus 63?

(8b + 7)(7b + 9)

What is 3a-5b plus 6b-2a plus 3b-7b?

add like terms: 3a -2a -5b + 6b +3b - 7b = a -3b

Can you help me simplify 20a plus 14-8a-7 and b plus 6b-2b?

20a plus 14 will be 34a minus 8a minus 7 34a minus 8 is 26a minus 7 is 19a. The single b is 1b plus 6b which is 7b minus 2b equals 5b.

What is b if 7b plus 16 equals 5b plus 24?

7b + 16 = 5b + 247b - 5b = 24 - 162b = 8b = 4

What is the simplification for 3a plus 4b-5-a plus 7b plus 3-b?

3a + 4b - 5 - 1a + 7b + 3 - 1b 2a + 10b - 5 + 3 2a + 10b - 2

What is 7b-12 plus 2b plus 3 equals 18?

It is an equation and the value of b is 3