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It is: 2xsquared+14x-9

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Q: Simplify 5xsquared plus 14x 3 xsquared 9?
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Simplify 5xsquared plus 14x-3 xsquared -9?

5x^2 + 14x - 3x^2 - 9 = 2x^2 + 14x - 9

How do you simplify 5x plus 4 plus 9x?

It is 14x+4 simplified

(9xcubed-3) - (4xsquared plus 4) plus (5xcubed plus 5xsquared)?

You can expand the first expression in parentheses, then add or subtract like terms.

How do you solve xsquared-14x 45?

If you mean: x squared -14x +45 then when factored it is (x-9)(x-5)

Can you simplify -x-2 plus 15x?

-x - 2 + 15x = 14x - 2 = 2(7x - 1)

49 plus 14x plus 2 equals?


0.52 plus 14x plus 10 round to nearest integer?

14x + 11

What is 2x squared plus 14x?


What is x2 plus 14x plus 49?

(x2 + 14x + 49) = (x + 7)2

What are the factors of 14x squared plus 28x?

14x(x + 2)

What is the slope of 14x plus 7y equals -9?


X2 plus 14x plus 48 expression?

x2 + 14x + 48 = (x + 8)(x + 6)

What is 6x plus 8x?

the answer is 14x

How many solutions are there to the equation 14x plus 5 equals 14x - 19?


Factorise the expression 14x plus 114?

14x + 114 = 2(7x + 57)

X2 plus 14x plus?

doesnt make sense

What are the factors of 49 plus 14x plus x2?


What is the simplest form of 14x plus 12y plus 7?

14x+12y+7 This expression cannot be simplified any further.

What binomials is a factor of x2 Plus 14x plus 40?

x2+14x+40 = (x+4)(x+10) when factored

X2 - 14x plus 45?

x2 - 14x + 45 = (x - 9)(x - 5)

How do you Factor 83 plus 242-14x?

As written, that equals 325 - 14x which is in its simplest form.

-8 -8x-6 -6x plus 22?

It can be simplified to: -14x+8 or 8-14x

What is 14x plus 24y?

50x and 60y

What is 6x plus 15 plus 14x plus 8?

20x + 23

Which is equivalent to 3x divide by 7 plus 5y divided by 14x?

3x/7 + 5y/14x = 3x*2x/(7*2x) + 5y/14x = (6x2 + 5y)/14x