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It is 2a-b simplified

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Q: Simplify the answer of 4a plus b-2a-2b?
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Simplify 5x - 8a plus 4a - 2x plus a?

5x - 8a + 4a - 2x + a = 3x - 3a

How do you Simplify a plus a plus a plus a?

3a * * * * * Actually, it is 4a.

Simplify fully 4a plus 5b minus 2a plus b?


Simplify 4a plus 7b plus 6a-3b-2a?


4a plus 5 equals 25 simplify?

4a+5=25 4a=25-5 4a=20 a=20/4 a=5

How do you simplify 7a plus 3b minus 4a minus 5b in trig?

3a - 2b

How do you simplify 3a 4a - a?

Add them together: 3a+4a-a = 6a

What is -45 plus 4a plus 1?

It is -44 + 4a

How Do You Simplify this expression6a - 8 - 4a - 2?

6a - 8 - 4a - 2 → 6a - 4a - 8 - 2 → 2a - 10

How to simplify 4 a-b plus 3 a-b?


How do you simplify 4a times 3b?

The answer to 4a times 3b equals 1.3. You have to find the value of A and B.

Can you simplify 4a over 3 any further?


What is the result if dividing 48a3 plus 32a2 plus 16a by 4a?

48a3 + 32a2 + 4a = 4a(12a2 + 8a + 1)

How do you simplify 4a 5b 6c?

Without any signs between what appear to be terms, it is not possible to simplify.

Factor A2 plus 4a plus 4 - b2?

a2 - 4a + 4

Simplify 5a 4a 12a-6a?

21a - 6a

How do you Simplify 9 2b 4a?


What is the Simplify 2a plus 4 - 7a plus a.?

You need to combine the different parts that contain the variable "a". Just add the coefficients together algebraically.

What is 5ab plus 4a-b-2ab plus 5b?

5ab-2ab+4a-b+5b = 3ab+4a+4b

How do you simplify 3a 4a-a?

If the question was 3a + 4a - a, the answer is 6a. If the question was something else please resubmit using words eg "plus", "divide", "equals" because the browser used for posting questions does not like symbols!

What is 10a plus 3a-4a?

10a + 3a - 4a = 9a

Simplify each expression 3a 7 4a-5?

is that ment to be a > sign? well if it is3a>4a-5 (-4a)-a>-5 then just inverta>5

What is 4a plus 12 in algebra?

It is an expression of two terms as: 4a+12

What is the answer of this problem-a plus 3a?

"a" plus "3a" is equal to 4a. (3a+a=4a). You already have 3 "a's" and then you add another "a."

What is 3x plus 2a plus 5x plus 4a?


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