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Q: Simplify the expression 4 g minus 2 h minus 8 h plus 3 g?
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Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus minus 7p plus 2 equals?

4p + 9 - 7p + 2 4p - 7p + 9 + 2 p(4 - 7) + 9 + 2 -3p + 11

How do you solve 4 square root 6 plus 3 square root 2 minus 2 square root 5?

Multiply the entire expression by a least common multiple and then simplify the expression. In this case, the least common multiple is 30 so multiply the entire expression by 30 and simplify.

Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


Simplify 1over3x plus 2 plus 1overx-5?

6xsquared minus 26x minus 5 over 3xsquared minus 15x

How do you simplify the expression 2f-2 plus 3f?


Simplify the expression 5 plus 2n plus 2?


How do you simplify 6 x squared minus 2x plus 5 plus 2 x squared minus 7x - 11?


Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus-7pplus 2?


Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus 7p plus 2 equals?


Simplify the following expression 5 2 -4 5 plus 2?

5/ 2 -4/ 5 plus 2 expression can be written in simple form as 37/10.

How do you simplify the expression f plus 4(f-2)?


What is 8 x plus 2 minus 4x plus 7 simplified as?

This would simplify as 4x-5

Simplify each expression 3 over x plus 2 plus x over x plus 2?


What is x squared minus 4x plus 2?

It is a quadratic expression

How do you slove 5x minus 11x plus 2?

This expression can be simplified to: 2-6x

How do i solve z plus 8-2?

z + 8 - 2 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved. At best, you can simplify it to z + 6.

How do you simplify 21 plus 10 divided by 2 minus 18?

There is no need to simplify this, it is only a sum. 21 + (10/2) - 18 = 8

How do you Simplify the expression n plus 2n plus 2?

Combine like terms to give 3n + 2

Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus 7p plus 2?

It is: 11p+11 simplified

Simplify x squared plus 3x plus 2 divided by -3x minus x squared minus 2?

x^2 + 3x + 2/(-3x) - x^2 - 2=3x-2+2/(-3x)=3x-2-2/(3x)

Combine like terms and simplify 2b plus 2 minus 2a plus a squared 3?

There are no like terms here.

Simplify 2 minus square root of 5 times 4 plus square root of 5?


How do you factorise the expression x cubed minus 9x squared plus 24x minus 20?

(x - 5)(x - 2)(x - 2)

What is this expression but simplified 3x minus 4y minus x plus 6y plus 2 plus 4x?

Collect like terms: 3x - x + 4x - 4y + 6y + 2 = 6x + 2y + 2

How do you simplify the expression m-2 plus 1-2m plus 1?

m-2+1-2m+1 When simplified: -m