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we humans use the base 10 because it is easier and more comfortable for us than the base 2 used by computers and as such we require less memory in our brain to fathom the answer of a question and subsequently answer or compute them easily that base 2

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Q: Since computers use base 2 why do humans insist on using the base 10?
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If Computers use base 2 why do humans insist on using the base16?

The math for base 16 is easier and faster than the math for base 2.

Why do humans insist on using the base 10?

Humans insist on using base 10 because we have 10 fingers. Historically other number base systems have been used, but probably the most commonly used and convenient for ten fingered beings, base 10, stuck and is the international standard of today. Computers use binary because they only have 2 'fingers' or electrical states to count with - '1', switched on, and '0' switched off.

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Humans do math using a base-10-system while computers do math using?

Binary (Base 2) You can read more about it here.

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