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The same length of time it takes to cook one cake, provided the oven is not overcrowded. If the available cooking space has the cakes too close together you could need to adjust time and temperature upwards a little; if the cakes are crowded, leaving little airflow between them, you might have to look at cooking, say, two at a time.

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At that rate, each baker is baking 1 cake per hour. So the 12 bakers then can make 12 cakes.

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It would still take the same time to bake the cake. Each cake would still need to be baked for 4 hours.

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Q: Six bakers can bake six cakes in 6 hours how many cakes can twelve bakers bake in twelve hours?
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If six bakers can make six cakes in six hours how many cakes can twelve bakers in twelve hours?

24 cakes If six bakers make six cakes in six hours, then they would make 12 cakes in 12 hours. if they had the extra oven capacity and working space for additional cakes, 6 more bakers (for a total of 12 bakers) would be able to bake another 12 cakes (for a total of 24 cakes) in 12 hours.

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