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3 8x3+6=30

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Q: Six more than eight times a number equals thirty what number will you right?
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How do you write ten and thirty eight hundredths in two other forms?

Standard form - The form to right it as a number. 10.38 Expanded form - The form to expand (stretch) a number. 10 + .3 + .08 Written form - The form to write out a number. Ten and thirty eight hundredths.

How do you right 843208732833 in word form?

Eight hundred forty-three billion, two hundred eight million, seven hundred thirty-two thousand, eight hundred thirty-three.

What is a greatest common factor of thirty sixforty eight sixty?

The GCF of thirty-six, forty-eight and sixty is twelve.

How so you write in standard form eight hundred thirty-four thousandths?

Eight hundred and thirty four thousandths = 0.834To convert this number to standard form we move the decimal point one place to the right. Because we have moved it by one place to the right we have to multiply by 10 to the power of minus 1.= 8.34 x 10-1

How do you right eighty eight thousand nine hundred thirty nine in standard form?


What is the relationship between the threes in the number nine thousand three hundred and thirty eight?

From left to right, the first three is worth ten times as much as the next one.

How do you right the number 2036.07 in word form?

Two thousand thirty-six and seven hundredths.

Is this how you spell thiright?

There are a number of words that might be spelled or sound like that: - "the right" (not the left) - "thyroid" (a gland that regulates metabolism, among other things) - "thermite" (metal oxides that burn to create a very high temperature) - "thirty-eight" (the number 38)

What is the right number in written form of eight thousandths?

Eight thousandths can be written .008 ~W

If left equals up what does right equals?

right equals down get it right gosh!

How to right 34671111800 in words?

Thirty-four billion, six hundred seventy-one million, one hundred eleven thousand, eight hundred.

What size snowboard should a five foot eight one hundred and thirty pound kid get?

I don't know! Just get one that look right!

How would you right eight divided twice a number?

There has to be a wrong before it is righted!

A two- digit number when read from left to right consists of consecutive integers The number is thirty-four more than two times the sum of its digits What is the number?

The number is 56

What are the dimensions of a right triangle with a perimeter of thirty-two inches?

the dimensions of a triangle of thirty- two inches is a large number that you can figure out on a calculator. This calculator happens to be your brain. I am a math teacher and that is what I think.

What is 30 times three fourths?

I am not going to just tell you the answer right away but I am going to explane it first. Problem 30x3/4 first you have to put 3/4 into a decimal. To do that you divide the numerator (top number,) by the denominator. (Bottom number.) That equals 0.75 Now all you have to do is multiply 30 by 0.75. For your answer you should get 22.5 thirty times three fourth equals twenty two and five tenths

What is the basic rule of a chemical equation?

The amount of each atom on the right equals the number on the left

How would you write 0.3480 in words. Would it be thirty-four and eight thousandth cents?

Not quite. Because the last number after the decimal point is a zero, we can forget that zero exists as it holds no information. Because numbers after the decimal are moving in the opposite direction to the numbers before the decimal, a zero to the right means nothing, the same as if the first number on the left before the decimal was a zero (example 0100 is 100, the 0 at the beginning means nothing to us).So your number is essentially 0.348. We have 3 tenths, 4 hundredths, and 8 thousandths. So we are going to express this number as thousandths because that is the placing of the last number. Then just read the number after the decimal in the same way you would read a number before the decimal, in this case 348 or three hundred and forty-eight.So your answer is three hundred and forty-eight thousandths.If you were looking for an answer in cents, as in the original number is actually $0.3480, this is different. The tenths and hundredths place after the decimal are whole cents, so the number becomes 34.8 cents (The 34 has become whole numbers and the 8 has moved into the tenths position). This would be worded as thirty-four and eight tenths cents (or the lazy version, thirty-four point eight cents).

How do you write five million eight hundred thirty four thousand six hundred in digital?

5834600. first of all try to separate each group from the others so you have million-thousands-hundred then right the from big to small 5000000 = five million 834000 = eight hundred thirty four thousand 600 = six hundred then try to put them in front of each other 5000000 834000 600 and then add them together 5834600 = five million eight hundred thirty four thousand six hundred

How do you right 30 in words?

30 = thirty.

What number multiplied by itself is eight?

3.5 = 12.25 That is not the right answer. I am not sure there is a square root to 8...

What does the sequence in each period represent in relation to electrons?

The sequence in each period represents in relation to electrons is that as you look from left to right on the periodic table, you see a pattern; an increase of the atomic number. The number of electrons equals the number of protons, and the number of protons equals the atomic number.

Round the decimal to the nearest hundredths place 12.65805 equals?

12.66, the hundredths places is where the first five is after the decimal. You look to the right of the five and the number is an eight so you bump 5 up to 6, if its five or above...give it a shove!

Right angle equals how many degrees?

A right angle equals 90 degrees

How do you change a number to a percentage?

Move the decimal point two places to the right - for example, the decimal number .25 expressed as a percent equals 25.