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It is not possible to sketch anything using this browser.

The speed of a body cannot be determined from a distance-time graph. The slope of the graph is a measure of the radial velocity - that is the speed directly towards or directly away from the starting point. However, there is absolutely no information of any motion in a transverse direction. Since motion in this direction cannot be assumed to be 0, the distance-time graph cannot be used to determine speed.

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Q: Sketch a distance-time graph for a body starting from rest how will you determine the speed of a body from this graph?
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A distance-time graph for a body starting from rest how will you determine the speed of a body from this graph?

The instantaneous slope at any point along the graphed line is the speed at that point in time.

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Here are some things that can be determined from a distance-time graph:Total distance travelled, at a particular time.Average velocity at a particular time (take the distance at that point and divide by the elapsed time).If you can determine the slope at a particular point, then you can determine instantaneous velocity.You can tell the direction that the object is travelling: away from the starting point (positive slope) or toward the starting point (negative slope).* * * * * If you can determine the second derivative of the graph, you can calculate the instantaneous acceleration as well.

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Displacement is the area under the graph.

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