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The surface area of the 'sphere' is four times the area of a 'great circle',
or (4 pi) times the RADIUS squared.

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Q: Solid whose surface area is 4pie times the area squared?
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What is the name of the regular solid whose surface area is 4 times the radius squared?


What is the surface area of a prism whose bases each have an area 16 meters squared and whose lateral surface area is 64 meters squared?

work it out

What is the surface area of a cube whose volume of 512?

384.5 units squared.

What is the surface area of a cylinder whose length is 10cm and its height is 3 cm?

If by length you mean diameter then the surface area is 80π cm squared= about 251.327cm squared

When are centimeters squared used?

When finding the surface area of a shape whose dimensions are in centimeters

What is the surface area of a cube if its length is 4.7?

The surface area of a cube whose length is 4.7 is 132.5 units squared.

What is the surface area of a cube whose edge is 23.0 centimeters with a possible error of 0.0004 centimeters?

The surface area of a cube with edge 23±0.0004 cm is 3174±0.11 cm.The surface area is edge squared times 6. The surface area at 23.0004 is 3174.1104. The surface area at 22.9996 is 2173.8896.

What is e to the x times x squared?

It is an expression whose value will depend on the value of the variable x.

What is the area of a circle whose radius is 18 cm?

Area of a circle = pi (3.14) times the radius squared.

A round figure whose surface is at all times equidistant from the center?

A sphere.

What is the equation of a circle whose radius is 7 in?

General formula for a circle is X squared + Y squared = radius squared. So the answer would be x squared + y squared = 2.64575131 squared

What area of a square whose side is 6cm in length?

36 square cm. six squared is just six times six.

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