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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: Solve this system of linear: 4x-2y=8 y=3/2 x-2 step 1: plot the x-intercept of the first equation?
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What is the solution to 4x2y8?

4x2y8 is an expression, not an equation. Expressions cannot have solutions.

What is inconsistent system of linear equation?

It is a system of linear equations which does not have a solution.

Find the xintercept for the equation y equals 8x squred?


What is the xintercept for this linear equation 6x - y equals 9?


Are system of equations and system of linear equation the same?

No....not necessary

Is there any system which involves one nonlinear equation and one linear equation?


What is the xintercept of y2x 5?

As written this is not a graphable thing. I does not represent a graphable equation because there is no "=" sign. Whatever the equation might be, the x intercept is found by setting y=0, which leaves you with an equation for x, which is the intercept.

Is ordered pair is a solution of the linear system?

This is a linear algebra question and it is incomplete since there are no equation which have to be solved.

Which ordered pair is a solution of the linear system?

This is a linear algebra question and it is incomplete since there are no equation which have to be solved.

What is a system of equations that has at least one solution?

a linear equation

When will the system of linear equation be consistent?

When its matrix is non-singular.

What outcome is not possible for the graph of a system of two linear equations?

the equation graphs

What is difference between linear and nonlinear control system?

linear system is like a chemistry equation or math equation where on both sides it must balance. Nonlinear is a math equation or physics that does not appear to have a direct answer just like chaos theory. lulu254ever

How do you find system of linear equation in two variable?

By elimination and substitution

Is a linear equation the same as a function?

No a linear equation are not the same as a linear function. The linear function is written as Ax+By=C. The linear equation is f{x}=m+b.

Does every system of a linear equation have a solution?

No, if two lines are parallel they will not have a solution.

Define system of linear equation in 2 variables?

4x + 2y = 6

A system of linear equation in two variables can have how many solutions?

one, zero, infinitely many.

How do you figure out if an equation is a linear equation?

An equation is linear if the highest power of the unknown in the equation is 1for example an equation with just a variable to the power one such as x, y and so on is linear but one with x2, y2 and above is not linear

What type of system of linear equation is y equals -3x-1 and 3x plus -1?

A consistent system.

Define the system of linear equation?

its an equation that you can graph and when the points are connected, it makes a line. usually includes variables x and y.

characteristics of linear or nonlinear?

A linear equation in n-dimensional space is of the form a1x1 + a2x2 + ... + anxn + c = 0 where the ai are numerical constants and the xi are variables. The equation represents a straight line in n-dimensional space. A non-linear equation is one in which one or more of the xi have a power other than 1. The equation will represent a curve. A linear system is one in which you will get the same result if you change an input by the same amount - from whatever starting level. Otherwise the system is non-linear.

How do you determine which region to shade to indicate the solution set of a system linear equation?


Defined system of linear equation of 2 baryabol?

baybol hindi ko to alam

Must solutions to systems of linear equalities satisfy both equalities?

Any solution to a system of linear equations must satisfy all te equations in that system. Otherwise it is a solution to AN equation but not to the system of equations.