Solve -7m plus 20 equals -17m-10?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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-7m + 20 = -17m - 10

10m = -30

m = -3

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Q: Solve -7m plus 20 equals -17m-10?
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(20 - x)/5

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To solve for x, we'd have to know what this expression equals.

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To solve this one, subtract 50 from 180 and you'll have your answer.

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y=16 x= -4

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3x+5=20 3x=15 x=5

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20 = 400

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balance the equation 3x-x=20-6 3x-x=2x 20-6=14 2x=14 x=7

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3x^2=-20 so x^2=-20/3 this has no real roots but the plus of minus i(square root of 20/3) is a solution if we allow complex numbers.