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No solution. The two lines are parallel and hence never intersect hence no solution.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Solve by any method-x plus y equals 1 and x plus y equals 3?
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Solve 7 plus p equals 7?

p is obviously zero because any number x plus 0 equals itself.

How do i solve for X plus y equals 22?

Any ordered pair that satisfies y = 22 - X is a solution.

How do you simultaneously solve 7C plus 6H equals 2500 and 13C plus 1H equals 2310 any help?

Get two slaves. Give one equation to each slave. Say, "Go!"

How do you solve these addition problems -987 plus 987 equals?

Any positive number added to it's negative is always = 0

What does K plus Y equals?

We cannot answer since you didn't give any numbers at all to solve this with.

Solve the system using any algebraic method a. -5x-y equals -3 ---- x-4y equals 9 b. x plus y-z equals 7 ---- 2x-3y plus z equals 2 ---- 4x plus 2y-2z equals 20?

y=5x+2 if y equals -4

How do you solve 8x2 plus 14x plus 5 equals 0 by completing the square?

Please do not remove this question from Inappropriate or split any alts from it. Thanks!

What points lie on y equals 4 plus 1?

Solve for "y". Since "x" isn't specified, you can substitute any number for "x".

What are the co-ordinates points of y equals 2x plus 1 equals?

Simply substitute any value for y, solve for x for points along the line Y = 2X + 1

Is there any way to solve a system of equations with C and D as constants and x and y as variables sinx plus cozy - C equals 0 cosx plus siny - D equals 0?


Which will solve N in 8xN plus 40 equals?

Nothing will solve an expression. You need an equation (an equality or an inequality) beofre a solution of any kind is possible. Tha means you need something on both sides of the equality (or inequality) sign.

What is the solution of x plus y equals -2 and 2x plus 3y equals -9?

x + y = -2 2x + 3y = -9 You solve this by elimination - multiply both sides of first equation by 3, then subtract, solve for x, then substitute in any of the equations to solve for y 3x + 3y = -6 2x + 3y = -9 subtracting, x = 3 substituting into 1st equation, y = -2-3 = -5

Does a plus b equals b plus a for any two whole numbers?


Can you solve 5.5 plus (-2.3) plus (-5.5 plus 2.3) without performing any additions?

If you know that the associative property of addition means that the terms can be added in any order and that a number and its additive inverse equals zero, you can see that the terms cancel each other out and the whole thing equals zero, but I think that mental addition still qualifies as addition.

Cl2 plus NaCl equals?

Any reaction occur.

NaCl plus Fe equals?

Any reaction occur.

Solve the equation 3 plus d equals 11?

3+d=11 d would have to be the number added to 3 that results in the answer 11. I can think of one: 8. Are there any others?

What is the orderd pair for 5x plus 2y equals 8?

There are infinitely many ordered pairs that satisfy this equation. Supply any value for x, then solve for y to get the other part of the pair.

Solve this system of equations using the addition methodx plus y equals 3?

Answer by Hilmarz for a very similar question: When talking about a "system of equations", you would normally expect to have two or more equations. It is quite common to have as many equations as you have variables, so in this case you should have two equations. Pricen2: given that there is no second equation with which to solve the original equation the values of x and y could be any of great number of values. If you knew the value of x then you would use y=3-x to find the value of y If you knew the vlaue of y then you would use x=3-y to find the value of x

When two numbers equal zero?

Any number minus itself equals zero. Any number plus its opposite equals zero. Any number times zero equals zero.

Is 4 plus 0 equals 4 an inverse property?

well it equals 4 any way you put

How do you solve y equals -x?

You can't simplify this any further. y=-x is the equation of a line.

How do you solve 2 2y x xy?

To solve the given terms is almost impossible in the absence of any plus, minus and equality signs.

What property is 0 plus 7.5 equals 7.5?

The property is identity property of addition. This property states that any number plus 0 equals that number. identity property of multiplication states that any number times 1 equals that number.

Is it true that a plus negative a equals zero?

Yes. That is true for any number "a".