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You would solve them in exactly the same way as you would solve linear equations with real coefficients. Whether you use substitution or elimination for pairs of equations, or matrix algebra for systems of equations depends on your requirements. But the methods remain the same.

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Q: Solve linear equations with complex coefficients on both sides?
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Is linear algebra and linear equations the same?

Linear Algebra is a branch of mathematics that enables you to solve many linear equations at the same time. For example, if you had 15 lines (linear equations) and wanted to know if there was a point where they all intersected, you would use Linear Algebra to solve that question. Linear Algebra uses matrices to solve these large systems of equations.

How do you solve linear equations with bracets?

You simplify the brackets first and then you will have linear equations without brackets!

How do you do linear equations?

To solve linear equations, you always use the inverse operations

How many IBM punch cards would a computer need to solve a system of 12 linear simultaneous equations if 12 coefficients were punched on each card?

13 cards.

Why is linear equations called linear equations?

Because its linear and the equation is a problem to solve

How can you solve a system of equations?

The answer depends on whether they are linear, non-linear, differential or other types of equations.

How do you solve a system of equation with 3 equations and 3 variables?

If you know matrix algebra, the process is simply to find the inverse for the matrix of coefficients and apply that to the vector of answers. If you don't: You solve these in the same way as you would solve a pair of simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns - either by substitution or elimination. For example, change the subject of one of the equations to express one of the variables in terms of the other two. Substitute this value into the other two equations. When simplified, you will have two linear equations in two variables.

How do you solve linear equations?

I DON'T KNOW...... TEACH ME!!?!?!?!?!?!

How do you solve equations involving fractional coefficients?

multiply the whole equation by the number in the denominator

What properties of quality are frequently used to solve linear equations?

Quality does not normally play any part in linear equations.

How do you solve linear equations when the given is x equals -3 y equals 5?

If you already know that x = -3 and y = 5 what linear equations are you wanting to solve?

How can you use coordinate graphs to solve linear equations and linear inequalities?

To solve it by coordinate graphs you would take a point from the line and plug in the X and Y value into the equations and or inequalities.