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There appears to be no equation in the question: only some disjoint expressions. Expressions cannot be solved.

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Q: Solve this equation -x plus 3 10?
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How do you solve the equation 30x2 plus 91x -30?

(10x - 3)(3x + 10) so x = 3/10 or -10/3

Solve the following equation 2A3 equals 8 plus 4A?

Solve the following equation for A : 2A/3 = 8 + 4A

5x plus 3y plus z equals -29 solve this system of equation?

To solve an equation with three unknowns, x, y and z, you require 3 independent equations.

How do you solve and graph -2y plus 9-3?

There are two expressions in the question but no equation - so nothing to solve.

How do you solve y equals -4x plus 3?

You cannot solve one linear equation with two variables.

Solve 3-3 2 plus -3 0?

There is no equation (nor inequality) in the question. There is also no unknown variable. So there is nothing to solve.

How do you solve the equation y plus 3 equals 5x?

You need another equation to make this a linear equation so you can solve for both variables. One equation with two variables is not enough to determine the correct answer.

Solve C3H8 plus 5 O2 --- 3 CO2 plus 4 H2O?

that is the equation for burning popane

Solve 5x2 plus 14x - 3?

10 + 14x - 3 is pretty much the same thing as 7 + 14x. You can't solve this problem without knowing what x is or what the equation equals out to. For example, if 10 + 14x - 3 = 21, x would equal 1.

How do you solve y-3 plus y-3 plus y-3 plus y-3?

You cannot. y-3 + y-3 + y-3 +y-3 = 4y-12 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved since there is nothing to solve.

How do you solve this equation a plus 7 equals 10 plus b?

you can't get a value for either a or b from just the information you have given - you can only get an expression for what a is in terms of b and vice versa; a=3+b b=a-3

How do you solve this equation x equals 9 minus 5 plus 5 multiply 0 plus 3?